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What Happens In Vegas 18/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 18/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement
and a certain vamp

"Hey, Get the fuck off him!" Spike stormed forward and jerked
Xander out from between the two hungry, horney, three dicks
between them, demons.
Rubbing himself, Kermit studied Xander's
neck as best as he could from across the room.

"Don't look bit. Did you bite him yet? If he ain't bit he ain't
claimed proper like. You gonna bite him? Can I watch. Might be
a few dollars in it for you."
Kermit was clearly drooling, eyes glazed and twitching.

Xander tried his best to stifle a moan.
The whole mental picture slammed him in the gut.
The thought of being bit by Spike was something that had
only just started to creep into his fantasies. Now it exploded in
his brain in full color.
And to do it in front of people? Oh my God!
Was that a new kink?

And watching Spike get paid for it? Holy Fuck!! Xander groaned.
Temporarily forgotten, all eyes turned his way.
Staring pointedly at his crotch Spike demanded
"What the hell is your dick hard for?''
Xander knew he had three options. Denial, apology, or diversion.
He slapped on his best smile and checked his watch.

"Oh, look at the time. We're going to be late for work.
Gotta move that beer."
All three demons watched him leave.
Whistling and bouncing like he didn't have a care in the world.

Binky headed to the locker room to change his sticky spandex.
Kermit ducked into his office to find his oil and turn the security
camera on Xander, and Spike was left standing alone and wondering
where it all went so wrong.

"Fuck! Goddamn greenass bastard is right. Need to get him bit.'
This was all just getting to confusing.

Spike's demon was screaming for him to just grab Xander, bite
him and fuck him into the middle of next week, but his reason
side fumbled for a revised plan. Muttering, he reported to his
blackjack table, clapped, showed his hands, and relieved
the dealer on duty.

Watching Xander all night was slowly becoming hell on earth,
and as someone with some real life hell experience, he knew just
what that was like.
His breaks were taken quickly, chain smoking in the alley, and
pacing frantically.

He just knew that by shift change at 4 a.m. Xander would have
enough cash to pay his debt and be on his way.
What to do. What to do?
This was going to take some serious thought.

The evening had certainly started out on an interesting note.
Xander wondered if all those years in shit end jobs could have
been avoided by simply writing "does not shower" on the job
It appeared to be a hell of a selling point.

If his whole reason for being here wasn't to snare himself a
blond vampire, Xander could have gone in the back room a dozen
times tonight. None of that interested him.
It was not where his heart lies.

Xander was overwhelmed by demons sniffing, ordering beer
and stuffing dollars down his pants. This was not good.
Time was running out and his hopes and dreams were
flushing quickly down the drain.

He easily had enough money tonight alone to repay everything
he owed Spike and then some.
He needed a plan. A new plan.
This was going to take some serious thought.

One hour. Xander checked his watch for the hundredth time
tonight and realized time was almost up. It was now or never.
Desperately his brain searched for a solution.
Looking up, his eyes locked with Spike's and in that unblinking
gaze it came to him.

A plan.
No, a fucking brilliant plan.
Spike couldn't tear his eyes away. Staring at Xander, he
could see something earth shattering pass over him.
Grabbing the pit boss to fill in for him, Spike rushed to
Xander's side.

Latching on to his arm he dragged him quickly into the employee l
ocker room.
"Xander? Pet? What's wrong?"

This was it.
In that quick millisecond, Xander developed, honed and prepared
to put his plan into action. Knowing it was now or never, and without
further ado, Xander burst into tears.

"Oh my God! Xan, Love, what is it?"
Pitifully trying to regain control of himself, Xander pushed Spike
away and hid his face in his hands.
"No, No. I can't tell you. I am to ashamed. It's just to horrible to
Pausing and peeking through his fingers, Xander didn't have long to wait.

"Whatever it is, you can tell me. You're my pet. You can tell me
anything. Please, Xan, what happened?"
Tearfully resigning himself to telling his Master what he had done,
Xander sighed and sat down on the steps.

"I did it for you Spike. I wanted to get the money to pay you back.
I just want to be a good pet and make you proud."
Xander looked up and batted his eyelashes over his best puppy
dog eyes.
Spike steeled himself for the news. Whatever Xander had done,
he could handle it. After all, how bad could it be?
"It's alright pet. Tell your Master what you did. I promise
I won't get mad."

"I promise."
"Double promise?"
"I double promise"
"Cross your........"

"Xander! Just fuckin' spit it out!"
Standing up, Xander backed slowly away from Spike and in a
voice only a vampire could hear, he confessed. "I went to Mr. Kermit
and told him if he would pay you all the money I owe you
he could watch while you fuck and bite me."

"WHAT?" Spike staggered backward. He couldn't believe his ears.
It was all being handed to him on a silver platter.
Everything he ever wanted.
And the only catch was, what? That green two cocked idiot
got to watch?
Well, fuck, he was a vampire. He didn't give a shit if the
whole world watched.

"I...You...We..." Taking a deep breath, Spike tried again.
"Xander, Pet, why would you do such a thing? Do you realize
if we do this, you can't leave? You will belong to me permanently"

"I guess I just didn't think. I'm sorry, but it's too late. I already
made the deal. He did promise to stand out of the way where
we will never see him while you are doing the dastardly deed.
You won't even know he is there."

Xander did his best to look contrite. This was perfect.
He would get fucked, bit, and the one thing he wanted most of all.
He would get Spike.
And the best part was he had enough money to make it seem
Kermit had actually handed over the payoff. Kermit would never
know. And all is right with the world.
After examining all angles, Xander could honestly see no errors in
his plan.

"I suppose if you refuse I could go see him again. I can't
even imagine what he will do to me as punishment. Maybe eat
my eyeballs or knit my intestines into a sweater." Xander shrugged.
He hung his head, resigned to accept the torture.

'O.k. Spikey this is your moment. Impress the lad with how noble
you can be and collect the prize.'
"No, that won't be necessary. I suppose I can see my way clear to
do what must be done.
Is now too soon, I mean no sense in putting off the inevitable"
Spike began removing his pants.

"Wait! Not yet. I need to run home to pick up
We can use the back room.
Stay here. DON'T LEAVE!" Xander pointed his finger sternly under
Spike's nose as he snatched the car keys and ran for the door.

On his way to the back room to simmer in anticipation of the
coming (hee hee) event, Spike needed to make just one stop.
Slamming one of his Doc Martins against Kermit's office door,
Spike stomped toward his desk. Kermit was startled, he had never
seen William so angry.

"All right you double dicked Prick! I'll fuck the boy up the ass
till he can't walk straight for a week.
I'll pump him so full of vamp cum it will run down his legs for an hour,
and I'll bite him just as he comes.
Then I'll claim him as my own, and you can watch, but don't you
ever threaten him again. Do you understand?"

Kermit passed out, and his head hit the desk with an echoing


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