Willow Dean (drusillas_rain) wrote in bloodclaim,
Willow Dean

40 Spander Drabbles (ratings G-NC17)

Early in December I had posted 25 Spike/Xander drabbles for my fall_for_sx day, based on the categories at Spander Files. I've finally finished the remaining 15.

The drabbles are all 100 words each, rating G through NC-17, and feature Spike/Xander.

Part One - Angst, Basement of Doom, Body Switcharoo’s, Christmas, Comedy/Humour, Consort!Xander, Cross Dressing, Crossovers, not Daddy!Kink, Developing Feelings, Double Trouble
Part Two - Drink'n'Drugs, Epics, Established Relationship, Extra Dark, Fairy Stories, Final Death, First Time, Human AU, Hurt/Comfort, Hyena!Xander
Part Three - The Initiative, Lost Memory, Mpreg, Not Human, Oblivious

Here are the newest ones:
Part Four - On Stage, Possessive/Jelous, Post Apocalypse, Prostitue/Slave, PWP, Seduction, Sliders, Spander Plus, Sweet and Schmoopy, Sweet William, Sub/Dom & Pet!Xander, Time Travel, Under a Spell, Vamp!Xander, and Bonus Extra-Dark Non-Con
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