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What Happens In Vegas 19/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 19/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp

Xander hit the apartment and flew in like a hurricane.
Stripping as he dashed for the shower, he was in and out in five minutes.
Still dripping wet, he pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a shirt and
dropped to his knees in front of the bed stand.

Frantically rummaging, he selected several butt plugs of various sizes and
two bottles of flavored lube.
'Hmmm. Cherry to start and passion fruit to finish.'
Xander stopped himself as he threatened to giggle hysterically.

Checking his watch he saw that he had been gone almost 17 minutes.
Scrambling quickly up he rushed for the door. Passing by the couch
he noticed the purple head of his mutineer friend peeking out from under
the cushion. "Maybe next time, buddy."

Startling, full color pictures assaulted his brain.
Images of Spike in all his naked glory stalking towards him.
That wonderful cock, hard, hooded and wet, bouncing as he moved.

Xander faltered at the front door as the visions overwhelmed him.
Looking down at his own very eager pants ferret, he wondered if
he had time? Wouldn't take more than a tug or two.
Gotta be a good pet and save it for the Master.

Xander groaned as the panorama in his brain burst into a wide
screen epic.
Shaking his head to clear it, he hugged his possessions close to
his chest and ran for the car.

Dumping them on the passenger's seat, he turned the key, threw
it into gear and squealed the tires in a way that would have made
Spike himself envious.

Spike paced and smoked two cigarettes to calm himself after his
tirade with his big ass boss, Kermit.
It didn't bother him at all that people wanted to watch, in fact
it only made his performance a little more polished.
Some of his best work was done on stage - so to speak.

No, what pissed him off was that shithead had the nerve to threaten
his Xander. Hell, he didn't care about the money.
He had plenty.
He was only working here because he was at a crossroads
in his unlife. A middle time between here and there.

But now he had a purpose again.
A pet to train, and ownership was not something Spike took lightly.
There were all sorts of responsibilities that went with pet ownership.
It was true that getting one as a young pup was easier, but an older one
could still be molded, formed, trained and taught, and he was just the
vamp to handle the job.

Spike smiled at the mental images swirling around.
Images of how he would have to correct and punish his
wayward pet.
Smacking him with a cool cock on the nose when he misbehaves.

Bending him over Spike's knee and spanking that pink, firm
round bottom when he steps out of line.
Tying him to the bed frame and.....

"Where the fuck did he go?" Spike lit up another cigarette.
Heading down the hallway, he checked in several of the back rooms.
The first two were separated by the central hallway.
These rooms were the largest.

They were also the most disgusting. They were nothing more than
square, 15' X 15' areas.
There was no furniture save the wooden benches that ran
the length of each side.

They were dark, utilizing only the light that streamed in from the
ceiling lights in the hallway.
These were quicky rooms.
Evidence clearly splattered on the floor and walls.

Rooms men came into with each other or with one of the waiters
or employees.
They were for nothing more than a fast exchange of blowjob or
butt fuck for money or pleasure.
They were rooms Spike never wanted to think of Xander stepping
foot in.

Moving on, he came to the next two. Also opposite each other,
they were somewhat better furnished.
Resembling a cheap motel room, they each had a bed with
stiff suspicious coverings, a bedstand for supplies, and a toilet and
sink in the corner.
They were functional.

A bit more than a quick fuck, but still lacking in that personal,
emotional, component that this night cried out for.
Not that Spike cared for himself.
Vampire here.

Fuck and a fight was all he needed to get off, but these
humans were a breed apart.
Wanted coddling. Needed touched and talked to first.
All things that Spike was more than willing to engage in.
Not for himself, of course.
Only for Xander.

No, this still would not due. Looking on down towards the end
of the hall, he knew all that was left was the offices.
A huge grin that quickly slid down to a leer, Spike knew just
where to go. Striding forward, he came to a room that was used
as an outer office.
A den of sorts before you entered the area of Kermit's own space.

It was a small cozy room that had filing cabinets, and a small
desk against one wall and most importantly, a rich, plush, double sized,
maroon leather couch.
The floor was thick with heavy wool carpet.
Carpet that would cushion bare feet, knees or a naked ass.

Besides, it seemed some what judicious that Spike and his pet
would leave enough of a mess that Kermit would no doubt have to
shit can that sofa and, with luck, maybe the carpet too.

Decision made. Preparations to be completed.

Sticking his head in the outer office, Spike acted as though
still pissed off, he had come back to chew on Kermit for a second time.
"Kermit!" No sign of the demon.
Trying again, somewhat easier "Kermit?"
Still nowhere around, Spike had satisfied himself that the boss
had gone home.

By the time tomorrow when Kermit demanded a date and time
for the claiming, he could parade Xander's scar and bowlegged walk.
Proving it was too late.

Personally he would have enjoyed the thrill of the applause and
cheers of the audience, but Xander was tetchy about it so, maybe later.
This time was all about getting the deed done.
Make it permanent. For good. For keeps.

"Where the fuck was he?"

Flying through traffic, Xander passed the Catholic church and
swerved around the same gaggle of nuns headed for morning prayer.
'Gee, you'd think if they can't do it, they wouldn't be so
quick to yell it.'

Cheerfully he waved out the window at them and sped on.
Hitting the gravel of the parking lot, Xander copied Spike's
move, spinning sideways and slidding to a stop just missing
Kermit's Caddilac by inches.

Snatching up his equipment and pressing it tight to his body,
Xander kicked the cardoor closed and ran for the building's back door.
By passing the hallway to the casino, Xander was looking for a different
type of action.

"Spike?" Xander tried to keep his voice low. Loud enough for
a vampire to hear, but not a - what ever the hell kind of demon
Kermit was.
"In here, Love." Xander followed the sound of Spike's voice to
the inner sanctum of the main offices.

Realizing where they were, Xander was delighted. He knew by
schedule, Kermit would be working the casino floor for at least
two more hours. No chance would they be interupted.
Spike, too, was confident of their privace, believing Kermit had
already left, taking the night off.

The time of magic had arrived.

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