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What Happens In Vegas 20/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 20/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp
Feedback: Oh yes, oh yes, thank you.


Spike had clearly spent some time preparing the room.
All Kermit's papers from his desk had been thrown to the floor
and kicked to the side.
Candles were lit and the lighting dim. Smiling, Xander stood in
the doorway and admired Spike's initiative.
It was wonderful.

"What'ch got there, Pet?"
Xander had forgotten the arm load of toys he had brought, and
looked down embarrassed.
"Oh, just something I thought a good pet should bring to his Master."

Spike was thrilled. He was afraid Xander was going to take
some coaxing and wheedling. Then he remembered that this
was only being done so Xander could repay a debt.

Frowning for only a second, Spike decided it didn't matter why,
only that it was done.
Besides, he wasn't called Master for nothing. Once he put
a royal fuckin' on the boy, he would be too satisfied for regret.

Noticing a quick frown flash across Spike's brow, Xander wondered
if Spike would have done this without the threat from Kermit.
He knew he should feel guilty for the lie, but he just couldn't.
And anyway, when it was all done he would be the best pet
Spike could ever want, and neither of them would ever be alone again.

Walking slowly around the perimeter of the room Spike appeared
to be looking for something specific.
"Well, since Kermit's sick ass isn't in here I guess he is watching
from another room, huh?"

Searching his brain for a good lie, Xander decided simplicity
was the best.
"Yea, he said to just go ahead. Kinda like he didn't even know
we were in here doing anything."
That answer seemed to satisfy Spike, and he stopped looking.
"Sure, we just pretend he has already left for the day."

Returning to Xander and the things he was dumping on the couch,
Spike immediately recognized them as the ones Xander had hidden
in the drawer.
Rooting through the pile he was a little disappointed to see the
purple pirate not present and accounted for.
Oh, well, next time.

"So, Spike, where do we start. You know I've never done this before.
I mean I have had sex.
Both alone AND with other people.

I just mean I never, you know, with another guy. I never really
realized I wanted another guy till I thought about you and.
I think I'll shut up now."
Xander took a deep breath and waited.

Spike cocked his head to the side and just took a minute to study the
human in front of him. He had definitely filled out since Sunnydale.
Maybe some taller, too.
Wonderful dark eyes and very kissable mouth.

Watching the vein in Xander's neck throb with each heartbeat,
he wondered if Xander knew that somewhere down the line there
would be blood sucking involved in their relationship.

The more time that passed the more nervous Xander became.
"Um, Spike? You still with me here? I do something wrong?"
Shaking his head, Spike approached Xander and ran his hands up
Xander's chest.

Reaching his neck, Spike slid his hands around the back of Xander's
head and pulled his face close.
"I am definitely here, Pet, and you have done everything absolutely right."
With that Spike closed the gap between them.
The kiss started out lightly.
Just testing.

Giving each a chance to evaluate the other on a level they had never shared.
Both decided the other was more than acceptable and the kiss deepened.
Leaning his head slightly sideways, Xander opened his mouth in invitation.
Groaning, Spike slipped his tongue in.
He had never tasted anything as sweet and warm as this human.

Xander was so open and despite all he had done in his life, still pure.
He wore his emotions and feelings so openly they were all
there to be tasted.
No wonder he was a demon magnet.

Xander had never been a big fan of just kissing. Anya wanted to
do it all the time, and it was o.k., but it really seemed sort of pointless.
Besides, she would open her mouth and then wait for him to dazzle her
with his magnificent tongue play.
They were usually both very disappointed.

He now understood what tongues were really all about.
Spike was doing amazing things with that cool, slick, hungry,
Oh God, what else could that tongue do? Xander moaned.
A deep aching sound that went straight to both their cocks.

Pulling back for a deep breath, Xander dove in again. This time
battling tongue for tongue.
Reaching around Spike's hip, Xander pulled him in tight till their
cocks bumped against each other.

Hard against harder.
Both men forgetting what fibs they had told to get here.
The ends very certainly justified the means.

Without breaking contact between their cocks, Spike slipped his
hand between them and grabbed hold of the tail of Xander's shirt.
Xander released the firm butt cheeks he had been clutching and
lifted his arms.

Still shirtless from his shift as dealer, Spike closed his eyes as
Xander rubbed his warm naked skin against Spike's cool oiled body.

Both men's nipples were stiff from arousal and the cool air of the
air conditioned office. Brushing them together caused a wonderful
tingle that tickled into their stomachs and balls.

Stepping back, Spike reached down and unbuttoned Xander's jeans.
When he got no hesitation, he followed it with a slow unzip, and tugged
the jeans over his hips. Gracefully lowering himself to his knees, Spike
buried his nose in Xander's groin and inhaled deeply.

He smelled so good.
Clean, like sandalwood soap, just slightly covering a deeper scent
of male musk and arousal..
Under it all was the pure smell of Xander's own chemistry.

An addictive wonderful smell that Spike wanted to swim and
surround himself with. If he and Xander were never together again,
the memory of this scent would stay with Spike for the rest of
the time he walked this earth.

Sliding his hands into Spike's hair, he cupped around the back of
Spike's skull.
Holding his head still, Xander spread his legs and jerked his
hips forward to press his leaking cock into Spike's face.
"Taste me, Spike. Tell me if my cum now will taste as good
as my blood later."

Spike moaned 'Jesus could that boy talk some stuff.' Composing himself,
Spike let his tongue snake out and lick quickly over the head of
Xander's cock making it twitch.
"Mmmm, sweet as honey."
Spike licked his way up and down the thick shaft until Xander
could stand no more teasing.

"Wait, Spike, wait. I'll come too soon." Xander tried to pull away.
"Just the thing, Pet. Make the main event last longer."
With that he swallowed Xander's cock down till it hit the back
of Spike's throat.

Sliding back he stabbed his tongue into the slit roughly.
Five more tight sucks and Xander
doubled over, pumping hot bitter sweet liquid life into
Spike's mouth.

Rising to his feet, Spike ripped off the stretched spandex
pants he wore and nodded at the oils and toys on the couch.
"Where do we start, Love?"

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