wickedchocolate (wickedchocolate) wrote in bloodclaim,

Plotbunny/story idea: Xan - I can't forget

Good morning,

and a happy new year!
My first S/X plotbunny for 2007 jumped out of the woods.
Anyone interested feel free to adopt.

Here it goes:

Xan never got over Jesses death.
After he dusted him he was never the same.
Xander isolated himself from Willow and wanted nothing to do with Buffy.
The punk-grunge scene became his new thing.
He goes wild and crazy and hangs with the Dingos.
At Jesses birthday he visits his friends grave by night.
Drinks and smokes weed to forget.
Than he does what he does night for night challenging his luck by wandering the streets after dark.
Punk-Grunge-Xan meets a white blond, leather duster wearing stranger.

X: „Make love to me like you mean it“
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