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What Happens In Vegas 21/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 21/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp

Staring down at everything he had tossed onto the sofa, Xander
stammered and sputtered
" I don't know. Just looking at it all makes me glad you sucked
me off or I would blow before we even got to the good stuff."

Laughing, Spike scooped all the bottles and plugs up and set them
neatly in a row on a leather topped magazine rack at the end of
the couch.
"Lay down, Pet and spread yourself for me. I want to see what
I am getting"

Immediately Xander laid back.
Bending his knees and putting his feet flat on the couch, Xander
opened himself up. Never taking his eyes off Spike's face, he
relaxed considerably when he saw only admiration and affection
in the vampire's face.

Kneeling on the floor beside him, Spike ran his hands all over
Xander's body.
Xander was torn between total relaxation at the feel of
the cool hands caressing him and arousal as his recently
spent cock struggled to revive.
The cock was winning the race.

Pinching and pulling Xander's nipples into peaks with one hand,
Spike reached over and picked up a bottle of lube off the table with
the other.
Pouring a small amount of the oil onto his fingers, Spike waved
one of the fingers under Xander's nose then touched his lips.

"Smell that? Taste it, Love. That's cherry. This is the last time
we will use this one. After today it won't suit you."
Xander groaned, opened his mouth and licked the flavored oil
off Spikes fingers.

Sitting back on his heels at the side of the sofa, Spike examined
the contents of the table.
Finally selecting one of the butt plugs, he poured a little of the oil
on the end.
Both of the men watched as the oil ran down, coating the entire plug.

Spike tilted his head to the side, examining the plastic in his hand.
"Not the smallest, but not the biggest. Just a little something to get
you used to the feel of having something up there. You and the
demon girl ever play like this?"

Unable to find the complex words to say 'no', Xander just shook
his head, never taking his eyes off the plug.

"Push off with your feet, Pet. Lift your hips so I can see your hole."
Deciding long ago that Xander had no more time to waste on
embarrassment, he did as he was told.

Wetting his fingers thoroughly with the oil, Spike gripped Xander's cock
and stroked it to full thickness.
Then running his hand down to the soft skin behind the balls, he
lightly brushed over the waiting hole.

Despite his need, Xander flinched at the unaccustomed feel.
"Shhh. Just relax, Pet. Not going to hurt you. You belong to me now.
This belongs to me. Mine to play with whenever I want."

The possessiveness of Spike's word were the right trigger and Xander's
opening relaxed. Slipping the tip of his finger inside, Spike made sure
Xander was well lubed, inside and out.

Just as he was realizing he enjoyed the strange feeling, the finger
was gone.
Looking down, Xander watched as Spike rechecked the plug to
make sure it was well lubed.

"Relax for me Pet. Lift your legs and hold them back."
Xander did as he was told and tried to force his body not to tighten up.

Positioning the round end of the plug, Spike applied a small
amount of pressure and the head slipped through.
Throwing his head back, Xander tried to block out mental images
of it being Spike that was sliding into his body.
"Fuck, that might have been a wasted blow job."

Chuckling, Spike got up and laid himself on top of Xander.
"Not going to do any more just yet Xan. Get used to the feel then
we'll move on."

Running his fingers through Xander's hair, Spike leaned down
and kissed him softly.
Immediately Xander opened up and deepened the kiss.

Giving the human a chance to take in some oxygen, Spike kissed
his face, neck, temple, and nipped his earlobes. He then returned
to Xander's mouth and reacquainted himself with the warm wet
interior of his pet.

Xander was in heaven. He had never been kissed like this and
couldn't get enough. He wanted to climb in Spike's cool mouth
and set up camp.
A tent maybe. Somewhere he could live, sleep in and maybe
figure a way to get a small tv inside.

Felling how absorbed Xander was, Spike slid his hand down
between them and gripped the plug.
Working it back and forth with the oil, Spike finally had it all the
way in. Breaking the kiss, Xander realized what Spike had done.

"Mmmm. Feels good."
Then Spike tipped it forward and pushed till he found what he
was looking for.
Xander's eyes popped open wide.
"Oh my God! Do that again."

Snickering, Spike complied.
Slowly he began moving the plug. In and out, brushing over
Xander's hot spot on ever other time.
Now humping the plug, Xander wondered why no one ever
told him about this before.

With both cocks oiled and slippery, Spike laid flat on Xander
and began rubbing them together, moving the plug in a rhythm
that simulated the fucking Spike had planned for Xander later.
Humping back against him frantically, Xander had hold of Spike's
hips keeping him close.

"Spike! Please, Spike, I can't hold back."
"Come on ,Xan. Come with me."
Pressing himself down hard, Spike jerked and felt the combination
of cool and hot semen running together on their bodies.

Carefully, Spike pulled the plug from Xander's anus. Xander was
unable to assist, as none of the muscles or brain cells were functioning
at the moment.

Finally after a minutes thought, Xander looked over at Spike who
was still stretched out on top of him.
"You didn't bite me. I thought it wasn't official till you bit me?
Aren't you gonna? I mean if you don't want, I can understand,
I just thought...."

"Didn't say I was through with you did I? Now be a good little
pet and stop bitchin'. Give Spike here a mo and we will be
ready to finish."


Trying to sit up, Xander noticed an amazing amount of oil and cum
running down the side of Kermit's sofa.
Shrugging, he reached for his t-shirt to clean them both up.

"There is no way I am going to be able to get it up again."
Wiping both himself and Spike, Xander dropped the disgusting
shirt on the carpet.

Standing up he bent over to pull up his jeans.
Smacking him soundly on the bare ass, Spike used his firmest voice.
"I said I was not done! Now get those pants off. I want to fuck my pet!"

Xander's totally deflated cock twitched and moved.
"Yes sir."
The tone was quiet and humble, but the eyes were thrilled.
The pants hit the floor.

"I think some punishment is in order for disobeying your Master, don't you?"
"Hell yea! I am a bad, bad boy."
Without further ado, Spike grabbed Xander and flipped him over his lap.
One, two, three solid smacks on each cheek left wonderful red hand marks.
Both men moaned.

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