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What Happens In Vegas 22/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 22/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement and
a certain vamp
This is the final chapter. Huge appreciation to
everyone who has been so kind.

Rubbing his cool hand over the sting of Xander's sore butt cheeks
felt wonderful.
Tipping his ass higher like a puppy needing a scratch, Xander
wiggled for more.

"Like that, Pet."
"Yea, feels good." Xander began slowly humping Spike's lap.
His cock trying valiantly to rise, and failing.

One last rubbing circle and Spike came down with a final SMACK.
"OW" Xander squirmed, attempting to get up. Rubbing his
abused ass, Xander pouted "That hurt."
"Ah, poor pet. Come here and let the Master see."

Turning him around and bending him over so that his hands were
on the seat of the now sticky sofa, Spike spread Xander's ass
cheeks apart and kneeled down behind him.

"Doesn't look to bad. Maybe I better check." Before Xander
could ask, Spike took one deep swipe over Xander's hole with his
cool slippery tongue.
"Jesus, fuck!" Xander immediately assumed the position.

Licking and tasting Xander was heaven.
The combined flavor of Spike, cherry lube, and Xander's own
distinct musk was better than any thing he had ever know, dead or alive.

Still rocking back into Spike's face, Xander was surprised to
realize he was indeed hard again.
Dropping his head, he relaxed and gave all ownership of his body
over to Spike.

Snatching up the passion fruit flavor of lube, Spike coated his aching
cock without ever removing his tongue.

Finally standing up behind him, Spike reached around and felt the
hardness between Xander's legs.
"Thought it wouldn't come up again" He chuckled.
"It's hell the things a good pet will do to try to please his master"
Xander groaned.

Rubbing his hand on Xander's lower back, Spike lined himself up,
"This is it, Pet. Relax yourself, and we will go slow."
Knowing that between the butt plug and the through rimming, Xander
was as ready as he would ever be, Spike started pressing the
swollen head in.

It actually took less pressure than Spike had feared and the head
popped through the tight ring of muscle.
"Christ. It feels so big" Xander exhaled a breath he didn't realize
he was holding. Fighting the urge to ram in, Spike stilled himself.

"So tight Love. Gonna squeeze me so good."
Wanting more, Xander moved his hips back taking another inch
or two.

After doing this a few more times, Spike was balls to butt cheeks
fully in.
Slowly he began rocking. On the third pass Spike lifted his foot and
rested it on the couch to give himself a higher angle.

"Fuck! Right there! Come on Spike, ride me just like that."
Deeper and harder, Spike picked up the pace. He constantly
pounded Xander's prostate causing the ache in his balls to throb
almost painfully.

Reaching around with one hand on Xander's chest and the other on
Xander's cock, Spike pulled Xander upright and his back flat against
Spike's chest.

Knowing he would soon blow his cum deep into Xander's body,
he whispered in his ear. "Come for me Pet. Come now"
And with that Spike shifted to game face and plunged his teeth deep
in Xander's neck.

The erotic shocking pain shot through Xander like a knife and his
cock tried it's best to give up just a few more squirts of fluid.
Two deep swallows and Spike retracted his teeth.
Licking closed the mark, his face returned to human.

Standing unmoving for the next few moments, Xander was finally
the first to step forward, dislodging Spike's cock from his ass.
Fearfully, Spike waited to see what Xander's reaction would be
when the realization of what they had done hit him.

He didn't have long to wait.

With gross amounts of vampire come running down his legs and
pooling in to the carpet, Xander pointed at the used t-shirt and grunted.
"Clean me up and take me home. I love you, but I swear if you touch my
cock or ass once more in the next 24 hours I will dust you myself."

Spike cheerfully obliged. Dressing them in whatever usable clothes
they had left, Spike poured Xander into the car and drove him home

Exhausted, both men slept through out the entire day, not rising
again till the sun had set again. Moving cautiously, Xander felt like
he had just gone ten rounds in the ring with Tyson.
Including the sore bite mark.
It was wonderful.
Stretching out he noticed Spike was already up and gone.

"You finally up, Pet?" The bedroom door swung open to reveal
a naked, smiling, vampire with a double cup of blood.
"Thought maybe you were going to sleep away the whole day
and night."

"Nah, just enjoying the after glow. But if you made some coffee
I might be persuaded to get up and join you."
Nodding, Spike headed off for the kitchen and Xander walked,
bowlegged, into the shower.
One question did stick in his brain, though.

"Hey Spike" He stuck his head out the bathroom door.
"Where the fuck did you get the last name of Sirrah?"
"Spell it backwards, Love."
Taking a few minutes and spelling it out in steam on the shower wall
and Xander was thrilled.

Standing under the spray of hot water, a small corner of his brain
tried to panic, but he knew he had made the right choice, so
stuffing all those thoughts into a mental ziploc,
Xander sealed them shut and enjoyed his shower.

He had made his decisions.
He had no regrets.
He was right where he wanted to be.

Coming out into the living room, Xander saw Spike in the kitchen
whipping up a skillet of eggs.
"Nothin' like a master that knows how to cook" He waddled
contently over to the computer.

Sitting down gingerly he called out
"Hey, Spike, care if I use your computer?
I want to e-mail Willow and let her know all is well."

"Sure Pet. Tell Red I said Hi. This will be a few minutes, so take
your time."
Sending off a quick "Hi. How ya doin'. I'm good" e-mail, Xander
kicked back to surf the web.

Stopping off at a few gay porn sights, he took a quick peek and
book marked them for later.

"Hey, Spike. Did you know Kermit has a web site for the Starfish?"
Sticking his head out the kitchen door, Spike was covered in some
type of floury mess.
"Really? Never knew that. Breakfast soon. Love Ya."
And like a turtle back into it's shell he was gone.

Clicking on the Starfish site, he saw that it was really very
well done.
"Oh, look here. Kermit has a link to a streaming video.
Wonder what he has a video of."
Going further, Xander clicked the link to the movie.


The End.
If you read and enjoyed, please let me know.
If you read and didn't enjoy, please let me know why.
If you read - well you know.
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