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Helpful facts for upcoming story

Information for BmblBee's upcoming
White Lightnin'

I was recently reminded that not everyone is familiar
with U.S. history facts especially little known regional
ones. Hopefully this will help.

This story takes place primarily in the Appalachian
mountain region of the midsouthern states.
Appalachia - even today - is a fairly remote extremely
poor area of the country.

During the 1940's there were still lots of isolated pockets
of the mountains where people lived with none of the
luxuries of life such as electricity, running water, etc.

There are small towns scattered about, but they are few
and far between.
Contact with the outside world was something they
generally weren't interested in due to the fact that they
were simply trying to survive.

Definitions of terms for the story:

G-man - A government agent. The term was first
coined in the late 1930's by Al Capone and his gangsters.
It referred to Elliot Ness and his agents but was later
used to describe any government man.

Revenuer - A government agent in charge of collecting
revenue or taxes, especially one who is responsible
for halting the unlawful distilling or bootlegging of
Several revenuers turned up dead.

Bootlegging - making and selling illegal alcohol.
White lightnin', moonshine, shine, liquid fire, - all
names for the alcohol. Some of which if made too
strong could render a person blind or dead.

Still - The equipment used to make the moonshine.
It consisted of a large copper pot with coils that had
to be heated with a fire. The alcohol was made from
distilled and fermented corn as well as other products.
(Yes, my relatives made and ran shine)

Hope this helps. Hope you all enjoy the story.
Starts Monday Jan. 15th.
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