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Official Business

Title: Official Business 1/1
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Summary: It is a slow day on a long highway.
AU all human.

Scratching his balls for the tenth time this hour, Spike scooted
around in his seat and attempted an in depth review of his present

'Who the fuck ever convinced me that being a cop was a good idea?
Let's see, what were the selling points again?
Oh yea, adventure and learning new skills.

Well there ain't no fuckin' adventure running radar on this deserted
back road and the only skill used this week was the fact that I got
that chicken on the third try.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
So Officer Spike Bradley could run it's ass over. Ha Ha.'
He briefly contemplated shooting himself to liven things up.

Jumping out of his cruiser, Spike stretched his back and prepared
for a much needed piss.
He was presently parked at the cross roads of.....who knew.
Could have been the corner of Okeydoke and WooWoo for
all he cared.
This was Texas.
The country was flat and desolate.

With his dick in his hand he surveyed the landscape.
Dirt road north to south. Dirt road east to west. And not a car in sight.
Shaking himself off he considered his options for the day.
'Take a nap or jack off? Hmmm. Maybe both. Why not?
I deserve a full day of excitement.'

Turning to climb back into the cruiser, something off in the distance
caught his eye.
A sparkle.
A glint of metal in the sun. A promise of things to come.
'Well hello. What have we here?'

Spike patted his cock with the promise of 'Later, buddy.', and
jumped back in his car.
He planted his hat on his head and calibrated his radar gun.
Not that he planned on using it, but what the hell, he was a professional.

Drumming his fingers impatiently he watched as the car approached.
The landscape out here could be deceiving.
What looked like a mile or two could in actuality be ten or more.
He watched for what seemed like hours.
Finally it was within view.
A Ford. A blue Ford. One person. No passengers.

Spike sat back, seemingly uninterested as the car drove by.
He didn't need any equipment to tell him the driver was well within
the speed limit. Didn't matter.
Turning the key, he felt the engine kick in and the car come to life.
Slamming it in 'D' he took off.
Hot damn! Hot Pursuit!

It took mere seconds to approach, lights and siren screaming.
The Ford stopped.
Spike always liked to give the driver a few minutes to sweat
before approaching, but today he just didn't have the patience.

Stepping out of the cruiser, he jacked up his gun belt and puffed
out his chest.
Making sure his boots kicked up dust on each step he closed in on
the hapless driver.
"License and registration"

Rolling down the window, the young man driving was obviously shaken.
"Wha what did I do?"
Spike bent down for a good look.
Oh Sweet Jesus! This boy was just his type.

Early twenties, dark hair and eyes, all alone.
Looks like that chicken was only his first pickins of the day.

"Step out of the car please" Spike opened the door and waited
as the driver was expected to comply.
Handing Spike his license, he did.
"Was I speeding? I don't think I was speeding."

Spike looked back and forth between the license and the boy.
Alexander Harris.
Age 22.
"Just a routine check, Alex. Got a report of a stolen car matching
this description. Need to check you out."

Spike could already feel his cock twitch in his uniform pants.
"Oh, well yea, actually the name's Xander. I just......" Xander
was cut off as Spike spun him around and pushed him spread
eagle on the hood of the cruiser.
He immediately began a very through frisking.
"Hey! Whoa!"

Spike's hands started at Xander's underarms and slid down to
his chest.
Short stepping forward, Spike pressed his body flat against
Xander's back.
Instinctively Xander groaned and pushed back against the hard
pumped body behind him.

Xander could feel the hardness trying to wedge itself into the crack
of his ass, and since he had not noticed the officer wearing a night
stick he had a pretty good idea of where this was going.

Spike ran his hands over the nipples, pinching and twisting till they
felt like hard pebbles.
Xander froze enjoying the sharp stabs of pain that were traveling
straight to his cock.

Spike tugged the shirt from Xander's pants and slipped his hands
Sliding south, he felt Xander's stomach quiver as they passed over.
"Think I better see what kind of contraband you are hiding down here."

Spike popped the button on Xander pants and eased down the zipper.
"Oh, yea, you're packing." Spike wrapped one hand around the hard
throbbing flesh and undid his own pants with the other.

Xander began rhythmically humping back onto Spike's cock
and forward into his fist.
By now Xander's cock was leaking precum from the thick heavy
Swiping his thumb over it, Spike brought it back to his mouth
and licked it off.

Watching over his shoulder, Xander moaned.
"You gonna do a cavity check or what?"
Chuckling, Spike dropped to his knees. He spread Xander's
ass open and breathed deep.
Fuck he smelled good!

Spike proceeded to lick and suck the puckered hole quickly.
It had been too long and he was too fuckin' horney for romance.
Standing up he spit on his hand and smeared it over his cock.
Lining himself up, Spike slammed home.

"Fuck!" Apparently it had been a while for Xander, too.
He immediately began pumping himself and squeezing his ass against
Spike's cock. Spike knew he wouldn't last long with this eager
piece of ass working him the way he was.
Using one of his last functioning brain cells, Spike remembered he was
supposed to reciprocate.

Reaching around to grasp Xander's cock he discovered he had been
beaten to it. No pun intended.
No man knew his way around another man's cock as well as he did his
own, and Xander and his cock were well aquatinted.
Spike cupped his hand over Xander's balls. He loved the feel of a
man's sac when it filled and shot through his dick.

With one last pull, Xander stiffened, slamming his muscles tight around
Spike's dick, and shot globs of hot white cum on to the side of the cruiser.
Two more almost uncomfortable jerks and Spike followed, filling Xander
with the official cum of a Texas patrol officer.

Resting his forehead for minute on Xander's back, Spike pulled out slow
watching the cum roll out with him. Slapping him on the ass Spike
adjusted his own pants. "Get dressed, boy. Can't have you standing
bare assed out here on a public highway."
Xander grinned and reached for his pants. "You figure you will still be
looking for that stolen car again tomorrow?"

Spike leaned against his cruiser and sucked his teeth. "Yup. Just might be."

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