a curious cat (kaleecat) wrote in bloodclaim,
a curious cat

fic search

I may be mixing up several stories in my head. But just in case.

Looking for a Spander (duh, of course) story where Xander moves out of the
basement and

finds a little one bedroom apt because its safer for Spike /so he can hide Spike better from the Initiative. I think they don't get together until after the move. And I'm fairly certain that the move at this time is specifically for that reason, Xander had been saving money but didn't think he had enough & perhaps was a bit scared to move. And once they do move, I think that Xander doesn't tell anyone where he is for a long time.
And I seem to recall that Xander finds perfect little apt., and is really surprised that he found one. But that may be a different story.

Yes, its a vague broad search. Sorry about that.


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