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White Lightnin' 6/37

Title:White Lightnin' 6/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Applachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Leaping effortlessly over the underbrush and darting around the well
known obstacles, Xander rushed through the woods that he knew like
the back of his hand.
It wasn't hard to locate. He just followed the sound of the horn.

Reaching the road, Xander found it.
The car had slid off the narrow road and slammed into a tree.

'Had to have been going at a hell of a speed' Xander noted.
That was the only thing that would account for the way the
entire front end of the solid chevy had buckled like an accordion.
Steam rolled out of the crushed hood, and the horn continued
to scream.

Approaching cautiously, Xander saw that the driver's door was
slightly ajar.
Pulling it open, he peered inside.

The driver was slumped over, lying face first on the bench seat.
Reaching in to feel for a pulse in the man's neck, Xander was assaulted
with the smell of whisky.
"Figures. Fuckin' drunk"

Xander knew it was hypocritical, but he had no use for people
who drank then made fools of themselves.
He himself did not drink.
Not a drop.

For him it was all about selling a product. Thanks to whisky,
his own father, Tony Harris, had been a drunk.
Started when Xander's mother died of cancer when he was 10.
Continued on till Tony's death of liver disease the week Xander
was graduating from college.

But, hey, this was a free country and capitalism was the name of
the game.
He would make it, they would buy it, and everybody got what
they wanted.

Quickly clamping down on his conscience, he reached in and
pressed his finger tips against the man's jugular.
The pulse felt strong and regular.
'Well, least he ain't dead. That would have been a mess to deal with'

Before he went any further Xander went
around to the front of the car and reached in under the hood.
He didn't need to see to know which wire would shut off the horn.
Feeling around, he found and yanked.
The silence that followed was blissful.

Standing back, Xander took a few moments to asses the situation.
The car had crashed on the back road about 100 yards from
the lane that led to his property.

It was impossible to determine if the driver intended to
continue on straight or if Xander's home was his destination.
That was a thought that made him extremely uncomfortable.

Deciding the driver was in no real danger of dying, Xander set
about searching for the answers to his questions and concerns.
Opening the back door, he sat on the seat behind the driver.

There were two carry alls and a cardboard box.
Checking it first, the box contained a full set of encyclopedias
and an order book.

A traveling salesman?
Something about it didn't feel right.

Popping the latch on the first suitcase he found just what
would be expected.
Clean underwear, handkerchiefs, a couple white shirts, a pair
of pajamas, and an extra pair of suit pants.

Resecuring it, he reached over and lifted the other.
It was much heavier and made a familiar sound.
Flipping the lid revealed it was full of bottles.

Two empty and four full. Whisky. Cheap.
Xander snorted knowing his shine is probably a higher
quality drink than this shit.
'Must not be much money in sellin' books.'

Putting everything back exactly as it was he returned to the
driver and rolled him over.
Xander gasped.

This was the most beautiful man he had ever seen.
It took all the strength he could muster to not lean down and
kiss those soft pink lips.

Gently, he brushed the blond curls back from the man's face.
That's when he felt the hard, raised goose egg that was rapidly
expanding on his temple.

He had taken a lot of hard hits playing football and was always
told that if the knot comes on the outside of the head you will
recover o.k.

The problem comes if the swelling is on the inside.
'Well this lump is definitely an outy so guess you're going to be
alright. Now the question is what to do with you.'

Standing back with his hands on his hips, Xander looked around
as if by magic the solution to his problem would emerge from
the trees.

"Shit. Can't just leave you here. Sure the hell ain't gonna
try to take you to the law. They'd lock me up for sure.
Wouldn't even care about no explanation and
the nearest hospital is a hundred miles away"

Pausing in his rant at the silent man, Xander knew what he had to do.
"God damn fuckin' cock suckin' drunk!"
He kicked the side of the wrecked car soundly, injuring his toe.
"OW! Fuck!"

Reaching in, Xander grabbed the man by the legs and jerked
Pulling him from the car, he flung the limp figure over his shoulder
fireman style and headed for the cabin.
"Sure ain't much to ya, is there? Light as a feather really."

Xander placed his hand firmly over the man's butt to steady him.
Feeling the tight small ass caused his cock to twitch.
He hoped to God he wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life.

Reaching the cabin, Xander pushed open the door with his foot,
ducked his head through the doorway and went straight for the
small bedroom area dropping his load like a sack of corn meal
onto the bed.
Xander continued to bitch.

"Why the fuck did I bring him here? I just know this ain't gonna
be nothin' but trouble."
Looking down at his now erect eager cock Xander knew exactly
who to blame.

"What the hell do you think you want? Sure as hell ain't none of that.
So now my hand ain't good enough for you? Well tough shit
cause it's all your gonna get."

His cock may have one eye, but it apparently had no ears cause
it didn't hear a word he said. It continued to swell and ache.
"Oh, hell. Come on buddy, lets go out back and see what we
can do about that."

Xander left the injured man sleep while he took his wayward
cock to the wood pile for a serious spanking.

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