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Fic update: That Good Night (9/?)

I posted a new chapter of "That Good Night" in my journal a week ago. It had been so long since I last did an update (5 months!) that I forgot to post a notice to bloodclaim. Oops! So here it is....

Title: That Good Night (part 9 of ?)
Rating: Still not sure. Definitely R; may go to NC-17.
Continuity info: This is the sixth story in the Fragments 'verse, fitting in immediately after Before the Time of Dawn. This story is set a couple of years post-NFA.
Story info: Xander and Spike are dating. Spike is human. They're currently in Brazil.
Warnings: This story is going to be dark. Definitely angsty, h/c with lots of hurt. Character death will most definitely be threatened, and I'd rather not say what comes of it (though if you're terribly worried, ask me privately and I'll let you know). Also, as you can see, my posting schedule is very erratic!

This update is about 5000 words; the total length now stands at about 30,700.

Previous parts are [here].

In case you need to refresh your memory:
Previously in the Fragments!verse...

Spike and Xander had just returned from the year 1999 (where they had rescued the Sisterhood of Jhe, saved the world, and had awkward encounters with the teenaged Scoobies) when they found out that Willow was having complications in childbirth and that her life was in danger. They rushed to Sao Paulo to see her. So did Buffy—who arrived at the airport at the same time as them, leading to an awkward initial reunion between her and Spike.

They were all greatly relieved to find that Willow was okay after all and that she and Kennedy were now mothers of a baby girl. Buffy and Xander were quite surprised to find out that Oz was the biological father and that he lived with Willow and Kennedy; Spike wasn't surprised at all, having found out all that several months previously when Willow and Kennedy took care of him after an illness.

The next evening, while everyone else was otherwise occupied, Buffy asked Spike to go out on patrol with her. He initially refused, since he wasn't feeling well, but changed his mind when Buffy explained that she was investigating the mysterious deaths of local children. Out on patrol, Buffy quickly revealed her not-very-hidden agenda by asking Spike why he'd hidden his resurrection from her. They talked it out, and things seemed to be going pretty well, until Spike thought he saw Dru in a crowd. Then the night went from bad to worse: they were caught in torrential rain, they got mugged, and Spike got shot in the arm. In the aftermath, Buffy tried to kiss Spike, which certainly made for an awkward moment for both of them. Meanwhile, Spike was finding it harder and harder to hide the fact that he was getting sick. Finally Buffy and Spike had to fight three child-vampires; Buffy couldn't bring herself to dust a vampire who looked like a six-year-old girl, so Spike did it for her. Having helped her, Spike finally admitted to Buffy that he needed help in turn.

They made it home, but Spike was very much worse for the wear. Xander didn't react well to the story of the night's adventures, and things were strained between him and Buffy—but with Oz around to keep everyone focused on the priorities, they got Spike warmed up and dried off. Xander wanted to take him to the hospital to get his bullet wound stitched up, but Oz revealed that he had sufficient medical training to do the stitches himself. He fixed Spike up while Spike and Buffy discussed their encounter with the child-vamps. Finally Spike's weariness overcame him and he fainted; Xander and Oz carried him to bed.

Later in the evening, Oz drew Xander aside and explained a bit more of his own recent history, including his apprenticeship with a local Spiritist healer. Based on his training and enhanced senses, Oz suspected that Spike had a serious undiagnosed illness. He advised that Spike should see a doctor as soon as possible. That night, Spike dreamed of Drusilla.

In the morning, Buffy and Xander talked, which didn’t go very well. Buffy’s pancakes, however, were reasonably successful, and Willow came home from the hospital with the new baby, whose name is Tara.

And now the story continues...

Chapter 9

(Link goes to my journal.)

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