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Fic search and questions about posting stories

I have different questions to ask and thought it better to put every thing behind a cut.
There is one fic search
One question about posting a story here at bloodclaim
search for someone who might help me with beta
and one more question that I don't know how to explain.

I'm looking for a fic where Spike is married to to a woman/demon from Brasil. She comes and visits the boys with a baby because she is in disagreement with her other husband. I think there is a sequel (or maybe it's the same story) were the boys are invited to the naming ceremony for the baby in Brasil and they travel there. I can mention that they meet the initiative while there.

I've been going through my bookmarks and most of the spanderfiles, but I can't find, maybe I have overlooked it. I would really appreciate all the help I can get.

I have just begun to write a story for tamingthemuse this will contain from s/x to s/x/o/a and any combination of this four and I wonder if that is a problem for posting it here.
Would be thankful for an answer. The first part of the story you can fin it here at my alterian

Also I'm in need of an beta to this story. English is my second/third language and I sometimes makes things more complicated than they should be or stupid errors I'm to blind to see.
I don't know how this thing with e works... I'll probably write one part/week in contribution to tamingthemuse where the part are not likely to exceed 2000 words since I'm quite slow at writing.

On another note can someone explain (or point me in the direction of) the difference between a drabble, ficlet and so on and so forth.

Hope this makes any sense. Thanks in advance.

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