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100moods fic: Cold

Title: Cold
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander/Spike
Prompt: cold
Word Count: 1029
Rating: Adult
Warning/Spoilers: Umm, S4 roughly, but no real spoilers and definitely no warnings.
Summary: It's a bit of how Xander wakes up now, and a bit of Xander's ready to leave, and a brief misunderstanding.
Unbeta'd, so heck yeah, concrit welcome!! Totally.

Previous parts here

Previously:“Didn’t mean to wake you,” Xander whispered, shaking his head. “I just...I just had to touch you.”

It was Spike’s turn to have that cheery glint grace his eyes. “I think that’s a good thing, pet. Don’t you?” Without turning over, he held his hand out for Xander to take hold of. “Come to bed, Xander.”

Compelled by the seductive voice, the sight of Spike’s sleepy body moving lethargically against the sheets, and the sensual glint in Spike’s eye, Xander took hold of that proffered hand, and climbed back in bed.

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