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Xander-in haiku!

A Spander fic done entierly in Haiku.
Dedicated, skilled, or crazy? You be the judge.
Either way, I just joined, and though that I might offer this up for your approval. I'm not entierly sure what posessed me to write it, but I suspect a jappanese realative of the demon from 'Once more, with feeling'.

NSFW, by all rights. But when has that ever stopped anyone?

Title: Thing for Fangs- an 'epic' Haiku
author: Hangma_Ghost
Rating: R. How explisit can you get in a Haiku?

Thing for fangs? oh my!
Poor Xander, hard like a rock.
(You BET Spike noticed)

Xan is so confused
And is giving off hot scent
Driving spike crazy

Out on a patrol
Spike finally loses it
Hot Fuck against wall

Akward moment after
Xander can’t think what to say
Spike has other thoughts

Hot needy moaning
Countless thrusts, begging for more
Blood and cum pours forth.

Waking up, slowly
Spike realizes he’s warm.
Fuck! Xander. . . stayed?

Warm, fuzzy feelings
Unusual for vampires.
Spike is addicted.

One night becomes more.
Spike is getting possessive
So, Xan leaves closet

Giles knew already
Buffy figured it out (duh)
Willow. . . nearly fainted.

It has been three months.
For Xan, life is pretty good.
Then Spike says three words.

Spike really LOVES me
Loves ME! I didn’t think . . .
I never hoped. . . .

“Look Xan, I shouldn’t-“
Xan put a hand on his mouth
“Spike, I love you too.”

Called in sick for work
Fucked all through the daylight
Limping on patrol

Wrapped around you
I’m feel like I’m home again
(‘Will’ writes all cute-like)

A few years later
A big announcement from them
Wedding! (NOT in church)

Willow is bridesmaid
Also Buffy and Cordy
Angel gets best man

A small gathering
Giles walks Xan down the aisle
Gives his son away

Drusilla made it!
And ends up crying blood tears
Happy for her childe

A few gifts from friends
Anaya’s was . . . really kinky
But oh! SO useful.

Fairytale ending?
Well, not on the hell mouth.
But still damned close.

Spike loves his Xan-pet
And likes to keep him happy
(Mostly, with his cock)
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