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Fic Search

Ok, I have misplaced the name of a story. Spike and Xander and a powerful immortal who's lover recently died of cancer in Australia. Spike calls her and she comes and Giles recognizes her and kneels while the rest of the scoobies are baffled and react negatively. Spike greets her with a version of an exchange that goes something like "father" "mother" "sister" "brother" and so on.

There is a sequel to the story I believe with others of the same group of immortals I believe which I've also read.

I just can't track it down without the name and I want to reread it. I'd thought it was TisToo, but it doesn't seem to be. I went through all or many of hers last night without finding it. Does anyone recognize it from my description? Could you give me a title, author or link? I was all set to reread it last night when I couldn't sleep and I couldn't find it! :-( Looking for it finally made me sleepy enough, but it wasn't the method of getting tired that I hoped for.

I tried on my LJ this morning, and no one's come up with it, so I'm appealing to the larger pool of Bloodclaim. Thank you for whatever help anyone can give!
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