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Suzerain's Companion #21

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Suzerain = feudal overlord to whom fealty is due. Ruler of a large region with international boundaries but allows domestic sovereignty in exchange for loyalty and payment.

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Suzerain = feudal overlord to whom fealty is due. Ruler of a large region with international boundaries but allows domestic sovereignty in exchange for loyalty and payment.


On the following day, the still youthful looking, but now one eyed Alexander, was helped slowly to a sitting position by his wonderful Claimer. He was so well fed on his beloved vampire’s blood that he struggled to feel where he began and the Suzerain finished.

As soon as he was properly upright and awake, Spike lifted him with preternaturally strong arms, placed him carefully into a warm bath, gently washed and dried him as one might a helpless, tiny child, then carried him back to bed.

Alexander was utterly relaxed from being so pleasurably cleaned and lying across the Suzerain drinking from the pale chest again. He came to full awareness belatedly as the strong elixir took effect. A single brown eye fluttered awake as the injured Companion truly roused for the second time that evening. The marred hand, still bandaged, lifted weakly to touch the painful gap where his eye had been.

The hand was stopped in its path as the Suzerain spoke quietly, “No sweetheart… don’t worry… please no… Pet, please! Let’s just… Thank the… No! c’mon Luv… Hello! I’ve got you… Oh my love, hello…” Spike’s comments drifted off as he continued to pet his Claimed. “And we’re forever, remember… you gave permission – as did I. I dust, you die!”

Xander’s working eye focused on Spike. The blink was slow, the look deliberate and the whisper barely audible, “Noooo…. But you… worship you... You are… my all. And you came… you came… you ca… Didn’t tell them…” Xander paused for a moment as his head spun and he gave in to the vertigo that seemed to come with the meds following his spleen operation. Spike simply held him and stroked up and down his beloved’s arm waiting patiently for the Companion to continue.

“My dear master and Claimer. I have [hic] failed you. Shouldn’t have let them… but I thought… forgive me pleassssss.”

Spike pulled his Claimed up to sitting, “Shh... Shh! C’mon pet. You’re back… all that matters… so glad you’re back… C’mon Luv, don’t cry, love you… love you… Please don’t cry!”

“No… [hic] I… [hic] Sorry… ‘m *so* sorry [hic] An… so lucky [hic]… not like Lisbeth… dear Lisbeth… [hic] and you…” Alexander took a huge breath then reached up to touch his Claimer’s beautiful face before the anguished cry of, “ Was happy to die for you, wanted to die! Jus’ so weak… ‘n I’m so… Oh Gahh” Alexander dissolved into another flood of tears, thoroughly soaking the Suzerain’s chest.

“Oh for the love of *all* the gods, shut up and listen.” Spike’s tone was commanding and the pause deliberate as he made sure that Xander turned so his tear filled good eye might focus on Spike’s ‘baby blues’. Then Spike continued “You were a bloody marvel mate. Stood up to the bastards when any but family would’ve packed up ‘n given ‘em what they wanted. Just like the old Xan… just like… You’re a right champion you are… A right champion.”

The Companion was the recipient of a hug, neck nuzzling and petting that seemed to go on for hours. It was as though his Claimer was trying to reassure himself that the human was really back. When Spike finally pulled away Alexander was immensely disturbed to see his impossibly strong master vampire become extremely emotional – so much so he almost missed the next near whispered words… “Can’t lose you Pet… not again… second time I failed you…” Spike reached up to touch the bandaged eye but pulled his hand away just before contact.

Alexander suddenly realized that the master vampire, the Suzerain, was talking, not just about his current condition, but also about the originator of his line. He had seen the photos and in many quiet moments of late, wondered at the story and the regret… and felt the sadness from his Master… and all he could do was send back love through their link, their incredibly strong Claim link. And despite his Claimer’s distress, Alexander could barely contain the feeling of joy. He had withstood the torture and bore the same scar as his ancestor, his Claimer had come for him then re-established their link, and… he was home and accepted despite his impediments. The Suzerain loved him, had claimed him, rescued him and tended him as he healed. He slept again knowing he was loved.

The next time he woke, Mistress Janet and Lisbeth were in the room, with little Lillie kneeling at Lisbeth’s feet. It was an unexpected outcome of Alexander’s trauma, the two had become virtually inseparable.

He blinked his good eye several times before realizing who was holding his hand. Lisbeth held on gently then realized he had woken so squeezed his good hand and near whispered, “There you are…”

He attempted a smile and a squeeze back but found the whole exercise thoroughly exhausting, so settled for a whispered “Thank… you” then reached down to touch the tiny girl with a weak smile of thanks. Lillie all but bounced up onto the bed, taking the move as permission, though still looked to Lisbeth then the Mistress for approval. Both smiled, so she settled herself against the invalid and hugged him as best she was able, given her size, before sitting up and chatting at pace with the typical enthusiasm of a three year old human.

Fantastical stories were mixed with true ones of daily happenings, all muddled with concerned messages regards Alexander’s health. The marred companion looked over to the Mistress and Lisbeth for help but only found amused smiles, so he adopted the only attack he could muster. He tickled the little girl now straddling his chest with his good hand, resulting in her tipping backwards onto the bed with a squeal and fit of giggles. Despite his vertigo Alexander sat up to continue for a short while, then fell back onto his pile of pillows.

Lillie sat up concerned. “Are you sick again?”

“No honey, just… tired.”

“Oh, that’s OK then… ‘cause I gonna tell you, Lisbeth and Angelus is taking me for a holiday for a while, but I didn’t wanna go ‘f you was sick still.”

Alexander looked over to Lisbeth and saw the genuine concern on the vampire’s face. He reached over, miscalculated with the unfamiliar lack of depth perception, and accidentally touched the arm stump rather than her hand with his bandaged appendage. She flinched a little as the sensitive end was contacted.

“Oh Gahhh, I’m s…orry!” Alexander felt a tightening in his chest and tears emerging, the link fired and Spike was at the bedroom door in seconds. The Mistress halted the vampire with a meaningful stare, so he stood and watched as his First’s Mate and his own Claimed spoke.

Lisbeth moved to sit against the still strong torso of her Grandsire’s Claimed before smiling and deliberately touched Alexander’s face with the end of her amputated arm as she spoke quietly. “It’s OK sweetie… It really is OK… The Suzerain has gifted my Sire, my Mate, with his own territory to rule. We will be going in a few days… and I… I asked for Lillie to come with us. Are you OK with that? It’s just that…”

Alexander saw the loving look Lisbeth shot toward the little girl. Not a look of hunger as should be typical of a vampire, but a genuine look of love.

“I know she is yours Alexander but I ask you, as the Suzerain’s Claimed, *please* let her come with us. I will raise her, my Sire and I will raise her. She will be tutored to strengthen all her natural talents and she will see you often, so please?! Angelus cares for her, and I love her… She won’t be turned until she has been bred from and asks for it… Please…?”

Spike joined Alexander on the bed, shifting behind him to cradle his beloved and kissing him on the forehead before answering for both of them by addressing the little girl, “Would you like that Lillie? Would you like to stay with Lisbeth and Angelus?”

The little girl considered for a time, “Can I come visit sometimes?”

Spike answered while petting his Claimed, “Of course! Anytime you like. We are family”

“An’ I’d be learned magics so I can do stuff and keep us all safer.”

Alexander was surprised, then not so much. The little red head was so like a young Willow that he melted. He saw the gentle stroking of Lisbeth’s existing hand through the tiny girl’s red locks and Spike answered for all the ‘family’. “Of course pet… Look forward to you showing me what you can do.”

Lillie literally bounced with delight and forgetting all about the fresh flowers now strewn all over the bed and floor, sprung up to hug first Alexander then Spike, thanking them profusely between rather wet three year old kisses before settling on Lisbeth’s lap, careful not to lean on the prosthetic. Angelus arrived at the door and nodded his thanks to his Sire, guessing what had transpired. He leaned down and nibbled at Lisbeth’s claim mark and Lillie grinned. She had lost everything in the massacre of ferals, but now her world made sense again. She belonged and was loved.


Angelus, Lisbeth and Lillie departed for their new territory the following day and three days later Alexander was back in surgery.

The combination of time and Spike’s blood had the swelling in and around his eye socket recede enough to fit an ocular implant. Spike wanted to match his other eye exactly, but Xander begged for one variation. If one looked carefully enough at the false iris, what appeared like small flecks of sandy colour were in fact words, “Suzerain’s Claimed”.

The implant was incapable of sending precisely the same signals as his real eye, and took some getting used to. The digital images were rather more like blocks of colour with enhanced outlines initially and his brain was forced to interpret and cope as his good eye was covered for seven days leaving Alexander forced to navigate using just the new technology. The images were much like those of a computer generated art work, not quite accurate colours and a very limited depth of field.

Spike was attentive to a fault, encouraging, praising and, at times, annoying him so much that he was back sparring with the Mistress just to avoid being assisted, asked if he was in discomfort or fed and petted constantly (not that the latter was anything to complain about).

At the end of the week, the good eye was uncovered again and Alexander began to appreciate what he had been given. He continued to wear a patch over the implant when tired, but tried to do that in private when he noticed that Spike became rather edgy whenever the black patch was in place. Although he did appreciate hearing more stories of his ancestor, Xander, when the patch was in place, something the refined Companion found strangely compelling and for Spike, rather cathartic.

A month after the implant was deemed ‘assimilated’ they had ‘had a talk’, decisions were made, so the Suzerain and his Claimed ventured to Natte’s to visit Alexander’s human relatives and check on Sean’s two red headed wiccans, both of whom had borne children since being recovered from the horrendous massacre that brought Lillie into their lives.

Sean would have rejoiced were he still alive. A girl and a boy, fraternal twins, were borne to both Kerryn and Estelle. Kerryn’s boy had what appeared at first to be a ‘withered’ right hand but his DNA had been checked at the time of the women’s rescue, and it was proven that the cause was a bullet that had penetrated his mother’s womb, miraculously not killing mother or babies but damaging the tiny male in vitro. He still had three small ‘thumbs’ on the hand and was a happy, contented little boy in all other ways.

Spike stayed to chat to Natte regards the magical training of the six (mothers and babies) while Alexander was led away to meet his direct relatives.

Samuel was in his usual pen, greenery, space to exercise and relatively luxurious shelter, complete with floor heating, huge sleeping pad and specialised wash room. Alexander noted with a raised eye brow and grin that three females were now stabled with his older cousin, two of them obviously with child. Natte’s chief handler released the lock on the gate, unclasped Alexander’s lead and pushed him gently into the space, locking the door firmly behind him. The two embraced heartily.

Samuel pulled away enough to touch the pretty face, so much like his own, but for the scarred slice through the eyebrow – a legacy from the eye removal and not unlike his Claimer’s. Alexander caught the hand as he saw the look of pity beginning to form on Samuel’s face and decided to distract his fellow human, “So… you have a harem these days?”

Samuel’s grin was that of a little boy who had been handed the keys to a chocolate factory. “You have *got* to get a shunt cousin! Natte normally puts five in here with me… the other two are due so… They’re all mine though… the children I mean… but… Shunt means I can service all their needs… Natte encourages it! Reckons it keeps me looking young. He’s gonna breed from me as long as I’m able… Here’s hoping, that could be another fifty years.”

The older man grinned. He did indeed look exceptionally fit and healthy at close to forty. The women ranged in age but all were brunette with the typical features so favoured by Natte.

Samuel slung a friendly arm around Alexander’s shoulder then pulled him into a warm hug and added conspiratorially, “Know you play for the other side cousin… but still… think about it hey? Sure beats pulsing into the collection funnel and you should breed more! Anyway… Glad you’re OK… we heard some of it o’ course. Penny was beside herself – you know she’s had your next two don’t you - and Sara cried for days when she heard about your eye.”

Alexander looked at the ground, absently noting that his feet took on a surreal appearance when one eye registered the outline and artificial colours while the other held the true image. He felt stupid, in all the drama he had forgotten Penny was due. He was a father again… And now, now he just had to tell someone. Samuel seemed the obvious choice.

“Oh Sam… I need to… I want you to know first OK… Can you keep this to yourself? You’re my best friend… forever… You know that right?” Alexander looked to his cousin for reassurance before continuing. Samuel looked flattered though a little puzzled to say the least. He nodded and Alexander continued. “Well… I’ve asked the Suzerain to take my seed and let Natte breed from me once more before he… um… before he turns me… You see… I am already Claimed… and… Oh Sam… I *do* love him. He is my all. Can you understand Sam… And I know you’re happy, but I can’t have a shunt and be like you. I am so glad you are happy… but… um… Geez Sam… I can’t live without him, I want to be with him forever… you get that? Really forever… ‘til we are dust. I already feel him… all the time and I will accept the demon and the dark to be with Spike, the Suzerain, William the Bloody…forever. Please forgive me Sam… forgive me for giving up the gift of humanity… can you Sam? Can you forgive me this?”

Alexander belatedly realized he had been babbling rather badly, something his ancestor had apparently been guilty of on more than one occasion, nevertheless he looked to Samuel as his favourite older brother, and desperately sought approval in the handsome features.

There was a measure of sadness but no hesitation in the response, “As long as you’re happy little brother. It seems you are sure… and you don’t need my approval… but I am glad you have found love… Now ring the bell and request that the handler lead you to the nursery compound, Sara and Penny will never forgive you if you miss them… Oh, and don’t forget to do a full kneel when V’lthar puts the lead back on – he’s a bit of a nervous type, inclined to use the pulser if he even thinks you might play up.”

Alexander kissed his cousin on both cheeks, and stroked over Samuel’s manhood feeling the hard line of the shunt and small point where the seed receptacle attached to be cleared. Alexander found himself rather emotional, he was unsure if he would still be human when next they met, “Glad you’re happy cousin.”

One of Samuel’s females approached to take his cousin’s hand as Alexander moved to the gate, rang the bell and went to a full down kneel, rolling his neck so the link on his collar was exposed.

V’lthar answered the signal and, as expected, clipped on the lead and tugged him through to the nursery where the previous release and push process was repeated.

Sara all but flew into his arms as he arrived through the gate, her latest children abandoned on their play mat in preference to hugging her brother. She took his injured hand and kissed the still overly sensitive stump before kissing the false eye and staring at the near microscopic message on the iris of the implant and smiling a little. “The Suzerain commissioned this?”

Alexander smiled shyly, “We decided.”

Sara’s look shifted from relieved to slightly worried as she inspected his Claiming mark, very raw and obviously well used. “Is he intending to breed or turn you?”

Alexander should have guessed his sister had more clues than the rather over satisfied, senior stud ‘stallion’ Samuel.

He returned the hug and kissed her on the forehead. “Both dear sister. One more donation then I will be… I’ll… be his… one of the others… but he’s promised my soul… we’ve agreed.”

“Oh Alex… I’m… Oh Alex… Tell Penny… please tell Penny!”

The female in question approached tentatively as they spoke, Alexander’s two tiny new boys in her arms. Sara backed off, leaving Penny to enjoy some time with the father of her children.

Half an hour later found both parents of the newborns reassured, and the pretty female relaxing back between Alexander’s strong thighs as she fed the second tiny boy while Alexander gently burped his well fed, new second son. Penny had enough milk for four it seemed, regularly feeding others, but this evening she simply expressed the excess into a bottle as she spoke easily to Alexander. With her boys now three months old, she was pleased to let the regular sire of her children know that she would be impregnated with his seed again as soon as they turned six months.

They spoke quietly. His seed would be frozen, and Penny, the only mother of his children would bare his children every eighteen months to two years until she was deemed incapable or turned forty four – whichever came first. It was obvious that she, like Sara, thrilled in her position and would be retired to ‘pasture’ after their motherhood, spending time with the youngsters in the nursery as ‘Grandma helpers’.

She and Sara had found that mutual pleasure was possible since being placed in a compound together. Apart from the time when their concurrent cycles drove them both to agitated disinterest, their lives were well managed and calm. Penny was occasionally pleasured by Sara’s regular ‘shunted’ partner (and soon to be father of Sara’s first set of twin girls) and Alexander was anything but jealous. He kissed the woman soundly and thanked her for the new, beautiful boys then bade farewell, kissing the woman and her two babies, then seeking out their near four year old boys and hugging them soundly as his Claimer arrived to collect him.

Angelus, Lisbeth and the wiccan Kerryn arrived a month later. His seed had been collected. His eye was as healed as it might ever be, and he was ready, they were ready.

He knelt at his Suzerain’s feet.

“Please turn me… My Suzerain, my Claimer, my All… please make me… I wish to be your Childe.”

Lisbeth recognized the same words as she had expressed just before Angelus took her and smiled. It was about time.

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