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The Haiku Returns!

Alright. I ended up writing half of this and with prodding from the lovely Maz i decided to finish it and subject, er, bless you with the next instalment on my cliche lampooning haikus.

This time, i moved on tho the 'A demon casts a spell/curse that causes something odd to happen (read: shenanagans)' cliche, with a toutch of mpreg.


Title: And lo, no babysitter was safe.
Rating: PG-13 for misuse of the term 'viking'
Author: Hangma_Ghost
Note: I now blame it all on my Will muse. Some clued him onto Haiku. Lord help us all.

Ah, midnight patrol.
The scoobies reg. hangout time.
Just like the old days.

Everyone’s fine.
Spike and Xander are flirting.
Go figure- Demon!

Fuck! What a huge fight!
But it was fun! (For some)
Wait, what’s that glowing?

Back from patrolling
Spike is all nice and wound up.
Let’s make Xander beg.

Next morning, Xan seems. . .
To be having a rough time.
Andthen Giles calls up.

Fucking demon curse!
Giles isn’t too sure what it did

Xan is NOT happy.
Preggers? Oh, no fucking way.
God, the hellmouth sucks.

Spike, however, glad!
He could get real used to ‘Da’.
Still, it’s up to Xan. . .

“Xanpet, if you don’t-”
“No! I do. I mean, it’s just. . .”
“Kinda weird?” “that too.”

They’re having it!
Willow, for once, is just fine.
This time, Angel faints.

First term of preg Xan.
Craving are getting REAL weird.
Oh, wait, that’s normal.

Wait, SPIKE exhausted?
Oh, right. Xan's all hormonal.
The Viking returns.

Luckily, spikes just fine.
Near constant shagging? Oh, yeah.
Spike might just pull through.

The baby’s due soon!
Oh, spike. Victorian name?
SO not happening.

“It’s a good name, pet!”
“NO!! Anything but, okay?”
“Drusilla?” “ No.”

“Okay, It’s settled.”
After much debate, the names:
“Girl, Grace. Boy, Jesse.”

(Why Grace, my readers?
It’s a Victorian name!
IE Spikes Mother.)

Xander water broke!
Birthing isn’t real pleasant.
So lets just skip that.

It’s done. But oh, dear.
Xan pulled through just fine. But, see,
No sitter is safe.

For from that day on,
The hell mouth has new monsters.
Jess and Will. The Twins.

“Aw, come on now bro!”
“Da said that we shouldn’t Will.”
“Jess, what could go wrong?”

Dreaded words, ain’t they?
Well, they’ll be all right, I think.
Their Dads survived, right?

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