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White Lightnin' 17/37

Title:White Lightnin' 17/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Applachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Sitting back on the side of the bed, Xander resumed rubbing over
Spike's silky smooth skin.
"I'm not going to fuck you Spike. Not today. We're gonna get
your back all healed up first."
Spike whimpered. Xander chuckled.

"Oh don't get me wrong, we are both gonna shoot a wad, I just
ain't gonna stick it up in you. Not yet anyway."
That promise more than satisfied the blond book salesman.
The government agent had checked out about an hour ago and
showed no sign of returning anytime soon.

"How are you going to do that?" Spikes words came out in short
Anticipation climbed through his belly like a snake.

In a flash, Xander lifted himself and straddled Spikes prone body.
Xander's knees were on the outside of Spike's knees.
Slowly lowering himself Xander's heavy sex bumped and nudged
lightly against Spike's.

Pictures of Andrew flashed instantly into his brain.
Reminding himself that this man was nothing like Andrew, Spike
released the memory.
'Xander would never betray me like that.'
He prayed to God that thought was true.

Bracing himself on his elbows, Xander pressed his cock lower.
With a slow rocking motion he began just lightly rubbing
them together.
Both wet and slick from early emissions, the friction soon
became easier. As the moisture and need increased so did the
pressure, the speed and sound.

"Please, Xander, press harder. You won't hurt me. God, that
feels so good."
Lifting himself with his arms, Xander pushed up and without
losing cock to cock contact he switched his legs to the inside
of Spike's.
Then with his knees he shoved Spike's still useless legs apart.

Much to his shock Spike felt the pressure of Xander's knees
against his own.
He was thrilled, unfortunately his brain could no longer string the
words together to tell Xander of the physical improvement
He also had trouble remembering why it mattered.

He relaxed back content to let Xander do the work.
His cock still functioned and he was regaining some sensation
in his legs. How could anything go wrong?

His arms trembling with the strain of supporting his weight off
the injured man, Xander let his head fall forward as he continued
to grind himself against Spike.
Sweat dripped from his dark shaggy hair to the blond head below
and ran to the bed beneath them..

The sounds of skin slapping was constant, covered only by the
moans, grunts and "Yes, yes, yes" That echoed through out
the cabin.

Finally dropping to his elbow on the side of Spike's shoulder,
Xander wrapped his hand around both thick, sticky cocks and
proceeded to stroke them roughly to completion.
Something that only took seconds considering both men had
been alone for far too long and the passion had risen too high.

At the first feel of his orgasm sending fire up through his
balls to cock, Xander flattened himself to Spike's body. If he
couldn't shoot deep inside he could at least unload his spunk
onto Spike's skin.

The feel of the hot cum and the jerking of Xander's cock against
him sent Spike's own reaction into overdrive.

The combination of fluids between them was like gallons of hot lava.
It squirted and bubbled out of both cocks to mix with the perspiration
that already slicked their skin.

The exertion had taken it's toll and Xander's muscles gave out
Falling to the side of the bed he closed his eyes and breathed in
deeply smelling the odor of their combined release.
It was wonderful.
Xander placed his hand on Spike's stomach and idly rubbed circles,
smearing the stickiness like fingerpaint.

Spike was also relaxed and happy to allow his body some
much needed recovery time.
He knew he should be disgusted by Xander's finger doodles
in the drying mess but at the moment it just wasn't worth the

Finally raising his head, Xander noticed the boiling water
on the fire.

"Baths ready."
Climbing over Spike's limp spent body, Xander went to the
large copper pot and scooted it away from the heat.
"Need some cold water to cool that down. Be right back."

Spike smiled as he watched Xander casually walk out the door
still stark naked.
Suddenly he remembered. 'My legs!'
"Xander, my legs!"

Xander rushed back and dropped the bucket of water by the pot.
"What's wrong? Are you in pain? What's the matter with your legs"
Taken aback by the concern in Xander's voice, Spike quickly explained.
"I can feel pressure. When you pushed on my legs earlier , I felt it.
Xander, I think I am going to get better."

Matching Spikes grin with one of his own, Xander went to the
end of the bed.
Reaching down he wrapped his hands around Spike's ankle.
Massaging deeply he worked his hands up to the calf, knee and thigh.

"Can you feel any of that?" Xander searched Spike's face for a
"Not below the knee, but I can feel when you squeeze my thigh
and definitely around my hip. Oh, God, thank you Xander.
I was afraid I would never walk again."

Xander had the same fear and didn't have the heart to tell
Spike they were not out of the woods yet, but it was something.

Busying himself about the cabin preparing the water, getting a
towel, and retrieving a cake of Casteel soap he had bought on
his last trip in town, Xander returned to the bed.

"I really didn't do nothin'. Your back just needed some time to
recover. I figured when the swelling went down it would be better."

Soaping the rag, he washed Spike's face and neck. Both men
were aware that with his hands operational, Spike was more
than capable of doing this for himself.

Neither mentioned it.

Cleaning his arms, chest and stomach next, Xander slowly
washed off all the flakes of their earlier activity.
Spike closed his eyes and allowed himself to float in the feel of
strong masculine hands touching every part of his body.
It felt wonderful to be clean and heavenly to be handled.

Only a man who has lived without human touch can understand
the depth of the need for it.
At times he craved it more than the drink.
Most times he drowned the craving with a drink.
As he finished Spike's feet, he set down the bucket and rag.

"I'm going to roll you over on your stomach. You just lay there
a minute while I dump this water and get some clean. After I
wash your backside I'm gonna lay hot wet cloths on
your back then give you another rub. That o.k?"

Xander carefully rolled Spike over on the bed. With his face
in the pillow the only response he could give before dozing off was
"Mff, yeff, very uh kay"

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