Lalkhamsin-khamsolal (piratepurple) wrote in bloodclaim,

Roses in December, NC17, eventually, by piratepurple

So I've wanted to write a BtVS/SGA crossover story. And hari_kari gave me a nifty prompt. *waves* Does shopping count as patrol? (Buffy woud say yes.) Anyway, two out of three ain't bad, right?

Title: Roses in December [One]
Author: piratepurple
Pairing:S/X/J/R, eventually.
Rating: NC17, also, eventually. I make good on promises like this, I swear! :)
Warnings: This fic will contain scenes of Xander and/or Spike with John and/or Rodney. Eventually. ;) Darkhavens, I interpreted this as okay because S/X is one of the main pairings, if it isn't, just let me know.
Notes: Unbetaed. If you's like the job, please let me know! *puppyeyes*
Summary: (God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.
- J. M. Barrie)
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