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White Lightnin' 19/37

Title:White Lightnin' 19/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Appalachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Xander looked at the man in his bed.
The man his whole body ached for.
He focused on the deep blue eyes that stared back at him.
He wanted nothing more than to go over and lie down with him.
Touch and taste him.

Wrap his arms around him and feel his heat and comfort.
Feel every inch of that cool skin and slide his heavy cock deep
into Spike's body.

"Much as I want to, Spike," Xander continued to rock in his chair.
"You're gonna be leaving in a few days." Xander continued.
"And to be honest, I get lonely up here. I can't afford to let
myself get attached to anyone, and if I sleep with you....
Well it just can't be anything more than it is."

Xander surprised himself. Why would he open himself up to this
Why not just take what he wanted?
Finally he stopped and turned his head in the direction of the bed.

The sympathy and understanding in Spike's eyes were all the
answer he needed. He knew Spike was feeling the same thing
and he realized at last he knew who this man was.

They couldn't have been more different. Size, shape, background,
Yet, they couldn't be more the same. Thoughts, feelings, needs,
Without saying another word, Xander rose from his chair and
approached Spike slowly.

He unhooked the buckle of his overalls and let them drop to the floor.
Pulling himself into a sitting position, Spike drew in a breath at the
sight of Xander's body.
It seemed even more beautiful than the first time.
It was large, strong, proud, all descriptions that could also be
attached to Xander's erect cock.
A cock that swayed, heavy and thick with each step he took.

Stopping at the side of the bed Spike reached out and wrapped his
slender fingers around the girth.
"You have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. It's so big."

Spike placed his other hand on Xander's stomach and felt it ripple
under his touch.
Gently stroking him, he let his hand slide further down to cup the
full, lightly haired balls.

Tugging slightly on the cock in his hand, Xander took the hint
and stepped closer stopping only when he was aimed at
Spike's mouth.

"Do you want to suck my cock, Spike?"
Holding Xander to the side, Spike rubbed his face in the
crease between thigh and sac, holding the heat of the throbbing
cock against his cheek.

"I want everything about your body." Breathing deeply, he
absorbed the masculine smell of the man.
Unable to wait any further, Xander slid his fingers in to Spike's
hair and tightened his fist.
"Open your mouth Spike."
Smiling, he did as he was told.

Xander tipped Spike's head back and stroked his own cock
roughly before pushing it in.
Xander took pride in his ability to control himself, but right now
it was all he could do to keep from fucking Spike's mouth till he
flooded and choked him with his cum.

Spike was light headed with need.
His own cock was harder than he could remember.
Rubbing his hand over himself as he sucked, Spike could feel the
heat of want flush through him.

Pulling out of his mouth before he came, Xander continued to
stroke himself.
"Spread your legs for me, Spike."
Frowning, Spike looked up.
"I don't think I can"

Xander smiled and squeezed a drop from the head of his cock.
Spike leaned forward to catch it on his tongue.
When he did he moved his legs.

"Xander! Xander they moved!"
"Yea, but I don't think they are healed yet. Roll over on your
stomach and I'll do your back again."

Spike was crushed. A back rub was not what he wanted
from Xander.
Laughing, Xander straddled Spike's body and carefully rolled
him over. Leaning down he started at the back of Spike's neck,
kissing and bitting.

"Oh God, Xander. You were right. That is exactly what I need."
Licking a path down his injured backbone, Xander was careful
of his spine.

Finally stopping at his tailbone, Xander massaged his butt cheeks.
"You have got the sweetest ass I have ever seen. Do you want
me to tell you what all I'm gonna do to this ass?"

Working his hand underneath himself, Spike wrapped his fist
around his own cock

"Yes, please tell me." he begged breathlessly.
"First, I'm gonna spread you wide open and lick your hole.
I'm gonna get you all wet and loose with my tongue. I'm gonna
eat you till you scream from the need to cum, then I'll stop
so you can't"

Spike whimpered and humped trying to get some friction. Xander
had him pressed too tightly to be able to move his hand the
way he needed.

"Then I'll start working my fingers in you to get you ready for me.
But it won't help you cause I won't touch your sweet spot.
Not yet."

Xander felt Spike stop moving.
"Sweet spot?"
Xander had his nose wiggled deep between the cheeks of
Spike's ass.
When he realized the implication of what Spike was saying,
Xander laughed. "Oh, Spike, have I got a surprise for you."

With that he proceeded to make good on his promise.
Burying his face deeply in the crease, Xander feasted on Spike's
pink hole. Each swipe of Xander's tongue caused the puckered
entrance to wink and flex in an attempt to capture and hold the
hot wet mouth.
Sliding his hands under, Xander pulled Spike's ass up.

If he could have pushed his whole face into Spike's ass, he would.
The move gave Spike enough room to move his hand.
Before Spike could stop himself from stroking, Xander shoved
his tongue in.
Stiffening, Spike's orgasm shot through him like lightning.

Smiling, Xander lowered Spike back down onto the wet spot
on the bed.
Spike collapsed with a squish.
"I'm sorry." He whispered.

Spike could not believe he had embarrassed himself like that.
"Ain't nothing to be sorry 'bout. Never said we were done."

Xander ran his hands up and down Spike's sides giving him a
moment to catch his breath.
Reaching under him, Xander coated his fingers with the thick
wet spending.
Spreading it over Spike's relaxed hole, Xander inserted a
finger with no resistance.

Spike focused and struggled till he was able to spread his legs
further for Xander's exploration.
"That feel good? You like to be finger fucked?"

Spike tried to raise himself back up hoping to get more of
Xander fingers in his body.
"Yea, it does feel good."

Xander pulled out and slid two in. Working them in deeper,
he crooked and touched.
Grunting, Spike felt himself start to harden as the strangest most
wonderful feeling shot through his balls and cock.
"Fuck! What was that.? Please do it again"
Xander chuckled.

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