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Title:  Little Ghost, Little Ghost (Part 3/25 of my Paranormal Epic) 
Author: vinniebatman aka batmanvinnie
Fandom: BtVS
Pairings: Spander, of course.   Also a surprise couple makes an appearance, but it isn't the primary pairing for the story.  This one is PRESLASH, so no loving... yet.
Rating/Warnings:  This one is teen. 
Prompt:  Prompt #7 - "Haunting" from my table.
Summary:  Xander discovers a strange sort of haunting in the Council House.
Disclaimer: I hired a pack of ninjas to kidnap Joss; he was threatened with hot poker torture and chainsaws so I could meet the real him. I now own all. Thank you.   Or not.
A/N:  This is the third piece in my series of stories for the community  paranormal25, for which I'm writing a series of stories about Xander being able to see Ghosts.  Originally I had planned on writitng another part before I wrote this one.  However, "Little Ghost" by the White Stripes played on my iPod the other day, so I've had it stuck in my head.  It's a cute song, so the stoy just came.  Previous parts are archived here.

Little Ghost
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