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White Lightnin' 20/37

Title:White Lightnin' 20/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Appalachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Spike was dumbstruck.
He had heard that every cloud had a silver lining.
It would seem that the cloud of his drunken life
and disabling car crash was blinded by the light
of this silver lining.

The silver lining that at this very moment had his
fingers deep in Spike's ass touching a spot that Spike
had no idea even existed.

How on earth could this simple mountain man know more
about Spike's body than he did?

Deciding all that was a pondering that could wait for
another time, Spike slid back into the mindless land
where only the cock existed.

"Are you ready for me, Spike? You ever done this before?"
Xander had three fingers deep in Spike's body and had worked
and stretched him as much as he could.

"Christ, Xander, I want it so much I could scream. I want to
feel you inside me, but I'm scared. Is it going to hurt?"

Spike kept his face down. He didn't want Xander to see all
the mixed emotions he was having trouble hiding.

He felt as though he were floating in the middle of the ocean,
holding tight to a tow rope being pulled by a ship that had
been his life.
Slowly drowning, he could see Xander on a boat that would be
Spike's future and he was tossing a line out for him.

All Spike had to do to grasp the new line was release the old.
The thought of letting go of all he knew to reach for the unknown
was terrifying.
The thought of losing this opportunity scared him even more.

"Were gonna go slow. Give you time to get used to it. It might
hurt a tad to start but once I'm all in it's gonna feel so good.
You just wait and see."
Xander rubbed his rough hands around Spike's stomach and
up his chest.

Spike relaxed considerably.
He really did trust Xander not to hurt him, and he had wanted
to be with another man like this ever since he realized he was
different than other boys way back in school.

Having made the decision, Spike released the line and swam
toward the direction of Xander's body and voice.
"Do it."
Spike used all his focus on relaxing his entrance.

Xander kissed Spike lightly down his back and coated his
own cock with the rest of the mess on the bed and Spike's
stomach from his earlier release.

Positioning himself at Spike's hot, stretched opening, Xander
Involuntarily tensioning, Xander could not get it in.
It was just too tight and he would not force.
"Come on, Spike. You gotta ease up."

"Sorry, sorry. Guess I'm still just a little nervous."
Xander held back.
"Do you want to stop?"
Looking back over his shoulder, Spike finally faced Xander.

"No! Please, Xander. Just do it."
So he did.
Without another word, Xander positioned the head of his swollen,
red cock at Spike's hole and shoved in.
The head popped through the tight ring surprisingly quickly.

Both men froze.
Spike squeezed, and Xander groaned.
"Oh, hell, you're so fuckin' tight. Don't move.
Don't squeeze."

After a couple minutes they relaxed and Xander made the
most of the opportunity. Leaning forward over Spike's
back, Xander slid in balls deep.

Spike stiffened.
It hurt, but strangely, not as much as he had feared.
It also felt good.
It felt complete.

Before he had the chance to examine all the components
involved in what was happening with him, Xander moved.
He pulled back slowly and pushed in.

The second time was faster.
The third, harder.
That's when he hit it.
"FUCK! Do it like that. Do it just like that."

Xander smiled and let himself go. Knowing he had the
angle right, he slammed in.
Spike dropped his head to the mattress and let Xander
own his ass.

"Damn, you're so tight. Feels so good."
The sweat ran freely down Xander's face and dripped
onto Spike's back to mix with his own.

Slowing his movement to a slow hump, Xander leaned down
and licked the sweat off.

Reaching around his was pleased to find Spike again hard
as a rock and leaking from the throbbing, straining head.
Xander wet his palm with Spike's juice and fisted him in
rhythm with the pumping in his hole.

Sharply aware of the recovery in his legs, Spike felt the tingle
start in his toes and travel up to his balls.
He tried his best to hang on the precipice, but the
constant stimulation to his prostate was to much.
"Xander I can't..... I need to......FUCK!"

Jerking stiffly, Spike tightened and came, amazed that he still
had so much juice left in him after his earlier spend.
The muscles rippling and flexing around his cock was all it
took for Xander to follow closely after.

Holding himself in as deeply as possible, he flooded Spikes
bowels with his cum.
Shivering with after shocks, Xander waited till both were
relaxed and Spike's muscles released the hold it had.
Slipping out carefully, Xander lowered Spike to the bed and
laid down beside him.

Without moving or opening his eyes, Xander mumbled sleepily
"Your legs o.k?"
Spike twitched, flexed, and wiggled as best as he could.
"Actually they seem to be much better."

Xander yawned. "Good. Your ass o.k?"
More wiggling, squirming and clenching as Spike tested the area
in question.
"Feels sore as hell. It's wonderful" He chuckled.

Xander never heard the answer.
He was already sound asleep.

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