August 9th, 2006


A Long Forgotten Kiss Epilogue

Well, this is the end. I have a lot of people to thank who helped throughout the writing of this story, and you'll find their names at the top of the fic. To everyone who has left feedback and asked for more, I thank you too, you've made me want to continue and finish tis story, even if it has taken a good 18 months!

Title: A Long Forgotten Kiss
Author: akinaj
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: this chapter 12+

Category: Future fic, angst, h/c, established relationship, first time, romance
Summary: After 50 years, Spike returns to Sunnydale and finds Xander in his parents' house
Spoilers: Future fic, set after an alternate S7
Warning: character deaths mentioned, but not the boys (this is set more than 50 years in the future, so it's kinda hard to avoid)

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.

Author's Note: This started as a ficlet written for kyrieane's Five Senses Challenge. After I wrote it, there were more questions open than answered, so I set out to discover what happened.

Beta'd by my beloved Ev0l Twin. I went and changed a few things afterwards, so all remaining mistakes are my fault, don't blame her!

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Spander Drabble

Written for virtualpersonal. I promised her I'd write anything she wanted in any 'verse ever if she spotted the line that had made catscorner laugh in a post we were writing for Life Beyond the Hellmouth. She did so here is the first installment of the Cas-aimed drabble call ::grin::

Set in the Test Drive 'verse (Where Test Drive: The Buyer and Test Drive: The Merchandise live), in a similar style as the fic, one from Xander's point of view and one from Spike's.

The Intruder: The Protector and The Protected
GEN - Nevermore Crow

AU fic recs


I haven't read any Spander in an absolute age (having been sucked over to SGA fandom), to the detriment of my own Spander story which is still waiting to be finished.

I definitely need to start reading about the boys again.

I  wonder whether anybody can recommend any really good, long AU's?

Many thanks




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Reassembling 25/30

Title: Reassembling
Author: texanfan
Summary:  What if Buffy and Anya both died at the end of s5?
Disclaimer:  I'm playing in Joss' sandbox because he said we could, no really.  No money made, no harm intended.
Rating: NC-17
Concrit gratefully accepted in comments or emails
Beta: This story has been rendered readable by the lovely and talented incandragon Not only did she correct my grammar but she punches up weak writing and challenges me to constantly improve.  If you enjoy this story, much of the credit belongs to her.

AN: My thanks to liz_marcs for some of the ideas found in this chapter.  I hope she likes the way it turned out. :)

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Chapter Twenty-five