August 26th, 2006

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Fic Search - Charmed Crossover


This is buggin' me i can not find this fic. Its a xover with Charmed the first(?) story in the series(?)is about Xander and the charmed sisters fleeing San Fran and ending up in the Hyperion. Now I'm not sure if it's purely S/X or maybe S/X/A.

Xander is a werewolf. He and one of the sisters carry the charmed kids across country in wolf form for a while to escape W&H who are attacking the sisters for some reason, I think it was to get the kids.

As you can see some bits I can remember and others just a blank.

I think there are two stories which run in this series(?).

Thanks for your time.

Edit: Lycanthrope, Vampire and Magick by amejisuto is the answer. Thanks for sorting this out for me.
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Fic search

I read this story eons ago, but I'm pretty sure I forgot to bookmark it and, even if I did bookmark it, that's a hell of a lot of bookmarks to wade through. O.O Anywho, the fic I'm looking for is an AU, Xander ends up in New Orleans for some reason and he's a warlock, then Spike shows up, they become lovers (obviously, since I'm posting this here), I think Oz shows up next followed by Wes. Then, for some reason they go back to SunnyD in disguise to help the Scoobies. I know it's not Strip Tease by Velvet Crypt since I just finished reading that one again. Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit: Found! Thanks truly_tazi!
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Learn to be Lonely Chapter 21 Update!

Title: Learn to be Lonely Chapter 21/?
Author: chocgood84
Rating: NC-17 for brief violence and sexual content
Pairing: BtVS Spike/Xander
Author’s Note: Yes, I am aware that the timeline is a little screwed up and that Giles didn’t own the Magic Box until after Adam and after Dawn arrived. But in my reality, who’s Dawn? Adam what? Also, a huge spanking thanks to kitty_poker1 for being my official L2BL beta.
Disclaimer: These character’s aren’t mine, never were; I don’t get any profit for this hobby, so don’t sue – Thanks.
Warning: Brief violence, nudity, and hetero and homo sexual content and situations. And some h0t man-luvin.
This can also be found in my LJ Memories, as well as on my website.

Chapter 21
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(no subject)

I'm looking for a fic.

I'm pretty sure it was Spander, because, honestly, it's not like I read anything else.

In it, Xander was completely blind and like, a superhero. He hid it from Buffy and Willow, but he actually goes out in a suit at night and beats up baddies. And of course, runs into a certain vampire.

Either I just never finished it, or it was never finished. Hopefully the former, for the latter fills me with dispair.