October 2nd, 2006

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New story

Title: Deadwood Dick
Disclaimer: I Own none of these characters and have nothing to sue for
paring: S/X
rating: Adult.
Summary: A saga of the old west
Author: BmblBee
Note: This is my first posted story. Please be kind.
There are two more chapters if anyone wants.(?)

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Spander kiss

BtVS Fic: Nightflight (Spike/Xander)(Part 2 of 2)

Title: Night Flight (Part 2 of 2)
Author: Cas (virtualpersonal)
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating/warnings: Adult Rated; AU
Characters: Not mine, Joss' – I’m just playin' with 'em
Concrits: welcome in comments

Summary Xander is from Sunnydale etc, but Spike never went to Sunnydale. After Willow triggered all the slayers, there were changes in the world. Some vampires started to “behave” and fit into society – think of Harmony at W&H. Xander finally has a career and is about to run headlong into Spikey.

Step This Way But Mind The Turbulence
Breaking Free talk

Breaking Free (18/many?)

Title: Breaking Free (18/many?)
BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, Sci-fi, mild-violence, bit of Dom kink
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Lt. “Xander” Harris and Captain William the Bloody have both suffered and lost in the on going war between the Biogens and Council. Now, Xander finds himself a prisoner of Captain William the Bloody (aka Spike). What will be Xander’s fate?

Ok...it's my b-day..and all I wanted to do was write! :) So here ya go! A nice looong chapter of Breaking Free!

OH! AND THANK YOU FOR THE NOMS! I'm so flattered!

Previous parts here.

As always: Feedback make my heart go pitter-patter.

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Gauntlet!Spike Fan Art

Hello everyone!
Ok so way back in the beginning of February, entrenous88 challenged the wonderful darkhavens to do a drabble spanning all of the ratings. Thus she gave us Gauntlet!Spike, and it was fabulous. At the time she gave me permission to draw it, which I started and then forgot. Until I found it yesterday while looking for a reference picture for another drawing, and so I finished it, and decided to post it here. I hope you enjoy!

Warning: Gauntlet Kink and Spanking. NOT WORK SAFE!!
Rated FR18

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Please let me know what you think, this is the first time I've posted one of my more, uh, explicit drawings.
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bibliophile Name

fic: S/X Blank for 100moods

Title: Blank
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own the boys, haven't even been able to take em out and play with em like I like to, lately.
Summary: Spike wakes up alone, then gets some bad news.
Feedback: Of course. Anything you're willing to provide, I'll take it all. May not heed it, but speak yer piece, dudes.

AN: Major angst in the space of, like, three lines. NO. I don't plan to leave it like that. Rest assured, for my next prompt is 'bored.'

OH and the link goes back to my journal.

Fic: Ignorance is Bliss Part 7!

Title: Ignorance is Bliss
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: NC-17 overall
Part: 7/??
Summary: Xander was in an accident, and he wakes up to find his loved ones by his side Spoilers: None really. Takes place after season 7 except that Xander still has both eyes (they’re just too pretty to spoil), Sunnydale didn’t turn into a hole in the ground, and Spike came back there—not in LA.

Wherein Spike and Buffy go on patrol