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Breaking Free cover

Breaking Free (22/many?)

Title:  Breaking Free (22/many?)
BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, Sci-fi, Violence, bit of Dom kink
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: Lt. “Xander” Harris and Captain William the Bloody have both suffered and lost in the on going war between the Biogens and Council. Now, Xander finds himself a prisoner of Captain William the Bloody (aka Spike). What will be Xander’s fate?

Ok…I couldn’t leave poor Xander or you all suffering. Plus, the near collision with Bambi on the way home...well I got the message loud and clear. Clever that. “Write or we’ll send in the deer!” >;) Seriously, the adrenaline rush from that near miss was definitely enough to keep me going.

Also, I’d like to apologize in advance. I don’t have a medical or scientific background. So any med folks or scientific folks reading – please read with a grain of salt and a heavy reminder that this is sci-fi; heavy on the “fi” and light on the “sci”.

Previous parts here.

As always: Feedback make my heart go pitter-patter.

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Deadwood Dick 3 Down The Wrong Road (5/5)

Deadwood Dick -3
Down The Wrong Road (5/5)
Author : BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story
I just saddle them up and take them for a ride.

Summary: Spike is a gunfighter. Xander is an ex saloon boy.
Together they travel out west. Comedy and adventure.

Previously : Three heads bobbed up and down. With that he handed his horses reigns to Bradley and started toward the campsite.

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So, I was reading over my Flist from the weekend & noticed several posts about Willa. Now, I don't want this to sound gritchy or anything, but I don't think you guys should be sending 'Pierced verse around. Willa is now getting paid to write fics & she gets royalties when you buy the fic. "pierced verse bacame a lovely fic called "In the strangest Places." I know that she has previously asked that her fics not be emailed around by people who saved them to their computers, so I think we should all be respectful of that. I also think that we should support one of our own who is actually getting to write for a living & making beautiful slash.
Willa's website is listed below. I hope that you can all understand where I'm coming from.


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Fic Search(es)


I love you guys, because you're always so helpful when it comes to fic searches. So, I'm hoping you can help again. :-D

I'm looking for fics with newly souled Spike, and a preferably post-Anya Xander, but hey, anything is welcome. Spike + Xander = ♥, and I seriously need some. Many thank yous, and much love,

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Fic search

You have become so brilliant at these that I'm going to try with the minimum amount of information possible.
At the weekend I was asked if I remembered who wrote a particular fic, and if the fic was finished.
I've forgotten the complete title but I know it's a well-known fic - I also know that it's Spander, hence my asking here.

It has a two word title with the last word being THINGS. Please help me before I go insane(r than usual).

Before you suggest it, I know that it wasn't Esmerelda's Stranger Things.