November 14th, 2006

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Fic search, cuz it's all the rage now.

Ok, this one has been searched before and I THOUGHT I had it bookmarked, but umm, nope. *smacks self*

The fic I've been trying to find has the car accident in it. The one where Buffy and Xander are riding, Buffy's driving actually, and his dad, who'd been drinking hits them, then flees the scene. Xander's in the hospital when the cops bring in Tony, and Spike nearly goes ballistic and tells the cops that he's definitely the one who hit Xander.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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call for fic


I've just finished a whole lot of work at Uni and am wanting some fic.... I've just read 'Dimentionally Challenged' again, and as always... loved it...

What I'm looking for, if y'all could help, is fics where Xander is in an established relationship and spike gets brought into it... Nothing dark and not Anya as the third (i love anya, but can't bring myself to read her sexually) slash is obviously wonderful, but I don't mind a girl in the mix either....

So please.... reccommend away!



PS. as always, if this isn't allowed then please, delete away
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Fic Search

Hi all sorry about the fic search but I have been looking for 3 days now and have officially gone nuts.
Anyway I think the title it "Why we love Willow" can't remember the author but it is someone who writes tons of excellent fic.

The fic involved Willow's my will be done spell and Spike and Xander end up having sex...alot. LOL
Any help is appreciated.
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