November 18th, 2006


the dreaded fic search.


Usually do nothing more than read here but I need to find a fic that's making me crazy(er). What I can remember of it is that Spike has his soul and he's living with Xander in his apartment. They start a relationship but Xander is constantly afraid that Spike will leave him for Buffy. While out on patrol the group is attacked by demons who can hide themselves and their victims. One of them gets Xander. Xander yells for Spike to help him but Spike thinks he's halucinating again and runs off to help Buffy. That seems to convince Xander that he was right and he starts to push Spike away. The girls scheme for Buffy to hit on Spike so he will reject her and show Xander Spike really does love him. Sorry this post is so long but I don't know how to do a cut. :(

Can anyone help? Thanks.
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FIC: Becoming Known (28/?)-- S/X-- overall NC-17

Title: Becoming Known (28/?)
By: Tisienne (aka tistoo)
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC-17 for the whole thing.
Disclaimer: I am paid only in yummy FB... no cash changes hands, no bills are paid. Please don't sue me, Joss & M.E.
Notes: AU from early on in S7:BtVS. Spike left Sunnydale after the soul and chip removal, Xander never lost his eye and when Buffy asked him to get Dawn away from the Hellmouth, he did. They are in Philadelphia with Spike now and settling in quite nicely. Of course, that means angst because this is one of MY fics. LOL

Previous chapters live HERE

Summary (this part): Sex... a visit with an old friend... more sex. Sort of. *snerk*

And now... on with it, yes?

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BtVS - Supercool!

hardcore!Xander search


I just finished the sadly forever WIP, Buffy Season Noir by Anna S.

To prevent me from sobbing unattractively in a corner, I was hoping for some fics rec, in which Xander is not just Xander but hardcore!Xander. In that, he kicks butt, slices and dices, opens a can of woop ass on several demons/people. Super powers aren't necessary, but I'm easy. Just some fics that fully accentuate Xander's potential.

Slash, of course, is lovely.

Thanks in advance!
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