November 21st, 2006


A Funny thing happened clicking through my bookmarks...

Oh wow!  For no particular reason, I decided to look at the website on a S/X fanfic writier I had given up on, but to my amazement, there had been an update!  That's right folks, the stupendous Immortal Katharina is ALIVE!  If you don't know who that is, does the series "Bargain" ring any bells?  If even that doesn't make any sense, go HERE to read the fic that brought me to the Buffyverse (and Spander!) and also has been a addition to nearly EVERY Rec list I have come across from this communitiy.  While "Bargain" itself is, sadly, still stuck on Part 15 as it as been for at least 2 years,  (although she has mentioned a part 16 soon to be updated to her website *waits not-so-patiently*) I am happy to recommend to all the lovely Spander fans here at Bloodclaim, her new (un-betaed) Price Series.   While not for the faint of heart, and most certainly not a fluffy story, it looks to be another wonderful read.  *Sighs happily* my day is now complete.  *skips off happily to go read "Price" again for the third time*
STOCK [Spring]

Sabbatical [Spike/Xander, R]

Author: apreludetoanend
Title: Sabbatical
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Word Count: 1000
Disclaimer: Not mine
Feedback: Yes, please.
Warnings: It's a bit on the dark side, though Spike and Xander remain physically unharmed.
Summary: Xander's lost year, Thanksgiving, 2004 (roughly six months post-NFA) through Thanksgiving, 2005.

Many thanks to  electricalgwen, the best beta a girl could ask for.


Fic Search

Okay I am looking for another fic S/X related. Spike gets hurt (i can't remember how) and Xander takes care of him. Spike ends up coming back into conciousness only for Xander to find out that the vampire has to re-learn everything cause he had a baby vampire in him due Drusilla turning him. He teaches Spike on how to be a vampire by teaching the prey with a barbie doll and a billy idol doll. Later on the only way he can get Spike back to his former self is by claiming him but Xander doesn't feel comfortable doing cause he feels like Spike is his child. Please help!
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*sigh* will the fic searches never end?

I've found and lost this particular one three times now, because I keep forgetting to put it in my memories. *bangs head on desk*

It's about 4 years post-NFA; Xander is living in Montana in a beautiful house that he refurbished himself. It's Christmas, and all the Scoobies come to visit. He and Spike had been together but broke up just before NFA, and they haven't seen each other since until now, because Spike was in Greece. Thanks in advance for helping me with my idiocy. *g*
Sock Puppet

Fic: Sock Puppet

Hi! If you missed my posting day at fall_for_fx and you're into angsty Spander, here's a link for you!

Title: Sock Puppet
Status: Complete
Author: shadowscast
Rating: Mature
Summary: A couple of years post-NFA, Xander is living a very ordinary life in L.A.. He has a job, an apartment, a boyfriend. However, the arrival of a figure from his past (okay, who am I kidding—you all know it's Spike, right?) throws everything into question.
Notes: Huge, huge thanks to yourlibrarian who was with me every step of the way. She held my hand, inspired me, talked me through the rough bits, called me out on the bits that didn't make sense, and even made me a nifty icon! Thanks also to my Writercon roommates, savoytruffle, cordelianne and margarks, who inspired me to try my hand at a ficathon for the first time ever. (They said it would be fun!)
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Mutant Enemy. I am not Mutant Enemy. This story was written for fun, not profit.
Feedback: Please, please, please! Feedback and concrit welcome in comments or by email.
Words: 42,000

Sock Puppet

Chapter One

The reason Xander was volunteering in the soup kitchen that night was because his boyfriend wanted to learn how to julienne carrots. Troy was on this "let's learn how to actually cook instead of living on Michelina's Frozen Dinners for the rest of our lives" kick, and apparently some master chef ran the soup kitchen Monday nights, and although soup kitchen food was pretty basic stuff, this chef taught you how to do it right. The idea of combining self-improvement, couple togetherness time and charity work was irresistible to Troy. Especially that last one. He wanted to save the world.

Xander had never told him that he'd saved the world himself a time or three. He made a practice of not talking about that kind of thing anymore. So he went along with the soup kitchen thing to humor Troy. Plus, there'd been kisses involved. And puppy dog eyes.

(Read more...)

[link goes to Chapter One in fall_for_sx; other chapters are linked from there]
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FIC Update: Getting On-- S/X-- NC-17 overall...

Hi, guys. Just a quick note to say that parts 27-33 plus epilogue of my fall_for_sx story 'Getting On' are now posted at that comm.

The entire story can be found through memory links HERE.

As a reminder, this is an all human AU which takes place largely in Texas. It is fluffy and porny and a wee bit plotty, too. LOL

If that's not your cuppa, you might want to skip this one.

Standard disclaimers, etc. apply.

Hope at least some of you will enjoy it. :)

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NEW FICS: Born Again (1/1) & The Subtle Dance (1/1)-- S/X-- NC-17-ish

Okay, the NC-17-ish only applies to the second. The first is only R, which is a shocker, huh? LOL

'Subtle Dance' is the sequel to 'Born Again' and they can be found-- along with all headers and disclaimers-- in my LJ memories at THIS LOCATION.

Summary: 2 years after the end of Angel: the Series. Xander is in London. Something happens and then so is Spike. For the rest, you'll have to read. LOL

Hope someone likes, and thanks!

Marvel -- Thor

Fic: Teenage Dirtbag - 25/? - NC-17

Title: Teenage Dirtbag

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Season 1, so contains young Xander. Some parts may contain mature themes, violence, and graphic sex. You have been warned! Also, this fic is likely to be very long and will be updated whenever the muse feels like it.

Summary: Teenage life on a Hellmouth. Spike goes hunting.

Beta'd by kitty_poker1

Written for my darling amejisuto

Previous parts are HERE

Chapter 25
As many as you can

Transgression: Three, by piratepurple NC 17 eventually

Title: Transgression
Author: piratepurple
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC 17 eventually.
Warnings: This might be crack. It wasn't meant to be.
Notes: Partially betaed by the always wonderful tsavoritegarnet. I promised someone on bloodclaim a rockstar!Xander fic a long time ago, and it seems to have mutated.
Summary: "I once was better.
I put off all my grief.
I put off all my grief.
And so I go to hell, I wait for it,
but someone's left me creased.
And Someone's left me creased"

Transgression: Three.

Also, I am taking a short internet sabbatical, possibly until the beginning of next month. If you're writing something you think I should read, please drop me a comment, or a line at luminosity[at]gmail[dot]com. I know I owe bunches of comments, and I am keeping track. *smishes everyone who doesn't flee screaming* For those of you in the U.S. have an excellent holiday, everyone else, enjoy your weekend. :) ~pirate
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