November 26th, 2006

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Fic: 100moods piece S/X Broken

Title: Broken
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander/Spike
Prompt: Broken
Word Count: 839
Rating: PG
Warning/Spoilers: Umm, S4 roughly, but no real spoilers and definitely no warnings.
Summary: Spike reacts, finally, to being the butt of the joke.

Unbeta'd, so heck yeah, concrit welcome!! Totally.

Previous parts here

Previously:“Come on, Spike. Now that I’ve had my fun, let’s go see if we can find you some of yours. Feel like killin’ something?”

“OH, hell yes.” Spike stood and shoved his chair back under the table, glaring at the three who continued to snicker at him. “Please, gods, let there be some berk what needs killin’ out there.” He and Xander turned to leave, only to be stopped by Giles.

If you find anything, please inform either myself or Buffy. We need to be aware of what, if any, demonic activity is still happening.”

“Will do, big guy,” Xander said as he and Spike left together.”

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FIC: Dies Irae (S/X, NC-17)

Title: Dies Irae
Author: Gwen (electricalgwen)
Pairing: Spike/vamp!Xander
Rating: NC-17
Words: 10,000+ in 3 chapters (complete)
Feedback: Oxygen to the flame. Concrit also highly welcome via email.
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. Full disclaimer here.
Warnings: Mild bloodplay; character death (not our boys).
Summary: In the days leading up to the final fight, Spike is triggered on a different victim. Now everyone's dealing with the consequences.
Notes: Takes place in BtVS season 7, starting from roughly before Lies My Parents Told Me, though I have taken a few liberties with the timeline and certain events. Contains some dialogue from the show and, obviously, spoilers.
Written for fall_for_sx. Many thanks go out to cordelianne and apreludetoanend for last-minute beta reading, cheering me on, and offering to beat up Angel for me.

Start with Chapter 1 and follow links at end of each part.
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Fic: Somnambulist, Spike/Xander, 1/1

This was my entry for fall_for_spike for my posting day yesterday. Just thought I'd share. *g*

Title: Somnambulist
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature, adults only
Spoilers: Season 7 of BtVS, Episodes "Conversations with Dead People" and "Sleeper".
Warnings: Dark!fic, manipulation, insane!Spike, and character death.
Summary: Buffy decides that Spike will be safer staying with Xander than in the school basement. Xander discovers something odd about Spike and his sleeping habits.
Word Count: 5,033
Author's Note: My re-write of the episode "Sleeper", with a nasty, dark twist. Some dialogue taken directly from "Conversations with Dead People" and "Sleeper".

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Seven, "Beneath You Part 2," Part 2, S/X

"I dreamed of killing you, boy. Dreamed of killing all of you," Spike whispered.

Xander pulled out his stake. Spike was obviously dangerous. Out of his mind. Dusting him was probably best...

"I think they were dreams. So weak. Being around you, all of you, made me less than I am..."

The spander moment and the church scene, revisted.

Betaed by the awesome kitty_poker1
BTVS Season Seven revisted as spander.
Spike/Xander, NC 17 eventually

Memorable entries for Seven

Beneath You, Part 2, Seven Part 2
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Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

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Title: Transgression
Author: piratepurple
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC 17 eventually.
Warnings: There is a portrayal of the Jesuit Superior General in this part. If you are Catholic and likely to take offense, please don't read. He's a little on the heretical side, I think, but from my reading, Jesuits seem to be a bit famous for that. Otherwise, fairly tepid.
Notes: Unbetaed. I promised someone on bloodclaim a rockstar!Xander fic a long time ago, and it seems to have mutated. Also, The song in this part is "Divorce Song" by Regina Spektor.
Summary: "And why'd you fill my sorrow
With the words you've borrowed
From the only place that you've known
Why'd you sing Hallelujah
If it means nothing to you
Why'd you sing with me at all?"

Transgression: Four.

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err, Another Fic search?

I was wondering if anyone knows this one.  Xander is some sort of guardian for the Hellmouth, and cannot die, he is in a relationship with Spike, but Spike keeps getting itchy feet and leaving, and Xander stays in Sunnyhell for some reason, maybe tied there?  Anyway, it goes on for a loong time, and Xander gets so depressed he kills himself on a regular basis when Spike is gone to the point Willow is used to cleaning up after him hanging himself or something.  There is something about journals in red and black?

All I've got, anyone got a clue? Ive already looked through Spanderfiles Angst, and it's not there, i don't think.