December 11th, 2006

Annoying fic search

Hi, fellow Bloodclaimers! I'm throwing myself at your mercy with yet another fic search. Please throw a recently unemployed, depressed-as-hell-during-the-holiday-season, broad a bone.

I'm looking for 3 fics. The first is Morrigushout's 'Never Leave Me'. Her journal hasn't been updated since '05 and her site has disappeared. I have the story but it ended right where Xander is going to confront Spike. Was any more ever written?

Second is a fic where Spike is a spoiled, up-and-coming racecar driver and Xander is his pit boss. Willow is Spike's sister and Giles is his homophobic, abusive father.

Third is a fic that has Xander as a handyman/gardener with a dog named Cordy. He is working for Angel and Darla, their daughter Dru and their spoiled kid William who falls for and seduces Xander.

Lastly, anyone who might have a rec for a lesser-known, longish fic that has Spike as the 'catcher'. Not necessarily D/s or bdsm, just Spike on the bottom - at least some of the time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm going to go eat chocolate and whimper in the corner, now.
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Fic search

Sorry for another fic search but I'm going bonkers looking for something. It's a fic where Xander gets hurt at work, Willow mentiones the injury to Spike who then rushes over to tend to Xander's injury in the shower. The injury turns out to be a paper cut and it's a very cool fic. Any suggestions as to what it is and where to find it?

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What Happens In Vegas 1/22

Title : What Happens In Vegas 1/22
Author : BmblBee
Rating : Adult eventually
Paring : S/X
Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters in this story
Summary : Xander goes looking for adventure. When he finds
it, he gets more than he gambled on.

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