December 17th, 2006

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What Happens In Vegas 7/22

Title: What Happens in Vegas 7/22
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story,
and make no money off them.
Summary: Xander hits the big city looking for excitement
and a certain vamp

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Xmas - Loyal and Gentle

Maybe trying to do this for a few of my canons for the festive season... hope this resonates...

FB gratefully accepted... L.. J

Title: Loyal and Gentle Author: Archived at: Here only.
Pairing: Xander/Spike Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes. Also species manipulation & dark themes.
Summary: Petxander is very childlike pupose bred and pampered... and yet... when a dimensional shift pushes the two between their realms... Poor Master? Poor Pet!!? .
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here! Not BDSM but slavery of sorts Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

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FIC: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (Mature)

Title: Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
Author: savoytruffle
Rating: Mature
Summary: Spike and Xander meet up in the middle of nowhere maybe 12 years post-NFA and 3 years after the two of them have broken up. They've got a job to do.
Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been, Joss Whedon (or anyone else of importance to BtVS for that matter).
Feedback: Feedback and concrit welcomed in comments or in email.
Words: 3210

It's time to stop underestimating Dawn...

Also, the story is not Spander itself, but I recently posted a fic in the very Spandery There's Your Trouble 'verse. It's a look at the beginnings of the alternate universe that canon!Xander enters in TYT.

Rupert's Angels
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Fic: Merry Christmas From the Family

Title: Merry Christmas From the Family
Author: Werewindle
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: pg-13
Category: humor
Series: Music Road
Archive: Excessant, otherwise - No
Disclaimer: If they were mine it wouldn't be called *fan*fiction would it?

Summary: Xander, Spike and some unusual gifts. Part of the Music Road series but stands alone.
Written for Spander Christmas Stocking
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Fic: Road Trip Part 6 + Epilogue (S/x, Adult)

I've been doing Christmas stuff all day and almost forgot to post this here. Oops!

The prequel to this story, Observations, has been nominated for the White Knight Awards. Thank you to the lovely person who did that.

It also won at the Forbidden Awards! Twice!!! - best Spander and best new writer. Pleased? Are you kidding? - I was chuffed to bits!

darkhavens, please let me know if I shouldn't be cluttering up the journal with these. They look so pretty and no one really sees my LJ, but they do take up space.

The whole saga can be found, in reverse order, here

Title: Road Trip 6/6 + Epilogue
Author's name: Maz
Disclaimer: here.
Pairing: definitely S/X, anything else is just a toy.
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Dom Spike, sub Xander
Summary: What do you do when your just travelling around and you come across a puzzle? More importantly, what do you do if you are a vampire with a soul and his human pet?
Spoiler warnings: None
AN: Beta'ed by the wonderful maggie77. Thank you Maggie.

Part 6 is here
Epilogue here
Out of Tune
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Out of Tune by Litgal

I hate spamming people's flists, so I haven't announced every chapter over here. I just thought ya'll might like to know that Out of Tune is up to Chapter 13 over at my journal.

Author: Lit Gal
Title: Out of Tune
Chapter: 13/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: ADULT
Warnings/Squicks: Dom/sub, bondage, submissive Xander
Summary: Before Buffy came to town, Xander moved to LA where he discovered demons under very different circumstances. Now he and Spike are together and return to visit Willow, only things never go as planned on a hellmouth
Previous chapters: HERE

Out of Tune 13