January 13th, 2007

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Late Night at the Carnival 3, R, by piratepurple

Title: Late Night at the Carnival 3
Author: pirate
Rating: R
Warnings: Human death, but not Xander's.
Notes:Finishing anything lately has been like pulling crocodile teeth. Thank you, those of you who are still reading. I'll be attempting to finish the next chapter of Transgression, next. *chugs coffee*
Summary: Trouble on the lot.

Please call me, baby.
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Toys 7: A Bit of Truth

Warning, this series has been called my cracktastic fic, and it truly kinda is... lots of sex, not as much plot.

Title: Toys 7: A Bit of Truth
Disclaimer:  So not mine *sob*
Warnings: Dom/sub, slavery, bondage, butt play, pain play, discussion of body modification, leather, chains
Rating: ADULT!!!!!
Summary: Xander and Spike have a night in... hopefully this time Spike's plan will actually work.

Link: http://lit-gal.livejournal.com/129530.html

(All parts in the series can be found HERE)

Looking for fics. Help?

This is a rather... strange request. ^.^ Hope you don't mind.

I just recently read a fantastic Giles/Spike/Xander fic... and now I'm looking for more. Any links would be super appreciated! ^.^

If this isn't allowed, please let me know.

Thanks muchly in advance!