March 17th, 2007

Fic Search

I am looking for a fic I read a while ago where Xander and Anya start out together and Anya is pregnant. She has the baby but dies in the process and Spike helps Xander raise the baby. The boys eventually get together. Please help.


Another quick search, this one with Xan being with Angel and later Spike. It starts with Xander having never been in Sunnydale when buffy showed. he was in la earlier, still becomes a demon hunter connected with some monastery. He meets angel and hijinks ensue and they hook up and later Spike joins the fun (if'n i remember correctly).
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Callout for icons

It has come to my attention that bloodclaim has 40 empty icon spaces and I think they need filling with members only (or members/watchers) icons, so I'm asking for volunteers and creative-minded souls to fill some of the gaps. If we end up with more than 43 (total number of icons spaces available), we'll have a vote.

Rules are simple:

1. Icon images must be Spike/Xander. That means both of them in one icon.
2. No naked/semi-naked/head-pasted-on icons. I want actual Spike and actual Xander- accept no substitutes.
3. Text icons are allowed, but please keep them clean and polite. No insults, no cussing, no bashing of other ships or characters.
4. Please put all of your icons in one post. If you post a batch and then decide to make more, please edit the new icons into your original post, do not make a second post.
5. Please label your post clearly with Icons For Bloodclaim in the Subject line so I can find them easily.
6. If posting more than three icons, please put them behind a cut.
7. You have two weeks to cap, crop, layer, blend and tweak to your hearts' content. This not-a-contest closes on Friday the 30th March. Then I will take the weekend to count and gather and see what goodies we have received and I will make an announcement here at the beginning of April.
8. Have fun!

A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 17/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"
The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Collapse )

Runaway, "Boot Fetish," Part 14/14, Xander/Spike/Angel

Previously: "If you want relief, pet, use my boot," Spike told Xander. He shook out more of his cigarettes and lit one, staring down at Xander's lowered face coolly. He prodded again and Xander couldn't help but push himself once against the soft, cool leather. It felt incredible.

I didn't link this story here all during the writing of it because I was unsure of how the ship would all work out, but though it started out as xangel, it firmly wound up Xander/Spike/Angel. Lots of spandery goodness. And yay! Finished story!

Betaed by kitty_poker1
NC 17 D/s Xander/Spike/Angel with some wee bits of Spike/Tara and Spike/Angel
Xander is a sixteen-year-old runaway living in an old abandoned theater in L.A.
Warnings: Xander's a prostitute. Angel and Spike are his clients.

Runaway Part 1-13.

Runaway, Boot Fetish, Part 14/14.
Breaking Free cover

Breaking Free (41/many?)

Title:  Breaking Free (41/many?)
BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, Sci-fi, kink
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: Lt. “Xander” Harris and Captain William the Bloody have both suffered and lost in the on going war between the Biogens and Council. Now, Xander finds himself a prisoner of Captain William the Bloody (aka Spike). What will be Xander’s fate?

Been another long week of training and minor crisis. Blech.  Much gratitude to my beta, [info]slashpuppy .


Previous parts here.

As always: Feedback makes my heart go pitter-patter.

STOCK [Spring]

Fic: Watching 1-24 of 24

Title: Watching
Author: apreludetoanend
Rating: Adults Only, eventually.
Word Count: Each chapter is 350-400 words; the story is complete at 8968 words.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Summary: London, post-NFA. Giles dumps a struggling Xander off at Spike's place. We move on from there, uncovering the past, struggling with the present, and looking to the future.

A/N: This is a story about Giles, Spike, and Xander. The physical pairing is S/X, but past entanglements leave all three trapped in an emotional triangle and struggling to understand how they've come to this point and how to move on.

This story is complete at 24 chapters. You can follow along in tags, in memories, or by starting at Chapter 1 and following the links at the bottom of each chapter.
Marvel -- Thor

Fic: Something About Xander - 1/1 - S/X

Title: Something About Xander

Fandom: Btvs

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating: R for mentions of violence.

Word Count: 1,352

Summary: Spike ponders the meaning of Xander. Set during Season 4 while Spike was tied up in Xander's basement. Any deviation from cannon is deliberate.

This fic has been written for yanagi_wa as a thank you. One of the wonderful things about fandom is that we help each other and we share; it makes LJ a truly fantastic place to be. So thank you, sweetie, and here is your fic. I hope you enjoy

Beta'd by kitty_poker1 who seems to be in possesion of a time machine because it's the only way she can surely beta all that does.

Something About Xander
JDM-Accidental Husband-Cake

Is it okay if I make a challenge?

Well i will, so here's the deal, Xander and Spike switch bodies, don't care how, but they have to work together to be back in their bodies.

Doesn't have to be kept secret, Xander has to forget that he's Spike at a moment and almost fry himself in the sun, Spike saves him and O.o [something, i dont care what] happens

So if anyone wants this plot, please message me, I really would want to read something like that, or if anyone knows of a story like that please tell me, I was reading a body-switching story at the time, so if i'm plagiarizing in any form, tell me so i can read it!

SO thanks and bye!

Oh and it has to be Spander [just clairifying]

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