April 18th, 2007



Title : TEMPTATION 4/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ. In addition,
this chapter contains thoughts of torture.

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velvet scandal

Old Tricks 14/? -- R -- Nasty Shrew

Title: Old Tricks 14/?
Rating: R, mostly for themes
Notes: i am so tired and used up at the minute, sorry i've not been able to be more interactive and useful lately but hopefully i'll be better soon. till then, thanks for hanging in there :) *hugs*
Warnings: Underage sex, drug use

Summary: Buffy sends Spike to bring Xander home from Bahrain, a tiny island on the brink of an apocalypse.

Part 14: http://nasty-shrew.livejournal.com/67606.html#cutid1

Previous Parts: http://nasty-shrew.livejournal.com/tag/old+tricks
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Leaves of Memory Update Chapters 11 & 12

Title: Leaves of Memory
Author: quinntzadok
Chapters Eleven & Twelve

Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature Readers Only (18+) for descriptions of sex and violence, and all the bad language
Feedback: in comments or email
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine. Everything belongs to other people wealthier than me. I earn nothing from this endeavor.
Warnings:  References to slash, femmeslash. Descriptions of m/m sex. Spoilers for all seasons of both BtVS and AtS.  Excessive use of various f-words. Oh, yeah, scary monsters and general violence over all.

Hindsight isn't always twenty-twenty.

Extra Warnings for Chapter Eleven
:  This chapter contains a rape/torture scene.  While it isn't graphic in my opinion, you may not agree with me and find it terribly so.  Obviously I don't need to point to the  Adult 18+  rating or point out this isn't a story for anyone underage.  Read at your own risk.

Previous Chapters:
One, Two, Three, Four(pt.1), Four(pt.2), Five, Six(pt.1), Six(pt.2), Seven(pt.1), Seven(pt.2), Eight(pt.1), Eight (pt.2), Nine, Ten,

Chapter Eleven :: My Funny Valentine


A Vampire's Embrace, Interrupted

As you may have guessed, "A Vampire's Embrace" is a WIP. Here's the thing though, I am having trouble progress-ing. You see, when the story last left off, Buffy had done her biatchy!Slayer thing and insulted my main OC char Micah. The boys went after him, to get him to come back and help the Scoobies deal with a demonic war that could destroy the world and open the Hellmouth. But I don't know where to go from there. I have three, well actually, four choices as to where the story should go:

1. Micah meets with the guys but decides to be obstinate and not go back with them. This has dire consequences for all three boys and the rest of the characters, up to and including death.

2. The boys convince him to ignore Buffy and he goes back and plays nice. This allows the story to go in a positive direction, with less death and more romance.

3. Micah and the boys hook-up and smut ensues. This is the most unbelievable direction and going this way pretty much ensures the plot is history and the story turns to pure smut.

4. The story goes on hiatus until I and my muse can make up our minds where to go.

So why am I telling you guys this? Cause I need help lol. I want anyone and everyone who is interested in the story to vote on which way to go. Either comment here, at my livejournal or email me at bran_tarrant@yahoo.com. I'll count all the votes received between now and...Saturday. Then I'll go the way the votes do.

Oh and if you never read the story, read it here
Then VOTE!
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