May 9th, 2007



Title : TEMPTATION 24/40
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the
characters in this story and make no
money off them.

Summary: AU. Xander is a young man
living in an Amish community when he
finds himself confronted by the evil of a

STRONG WARNING: although done in a respectful
manner, this story deals with religious issues. If you
find that offensive DO NOT READ.

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The More Things Change 23/?

Author: slashtheboyz
Title: The More Things Change
Chapter: 23/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: FRAO
Feedback: Comments, email and Journal
Concrit: Comments, email and Journal
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss and a bunch of lawyers. I only wish they belonged to me cause I'd make em do naughty things together forever. I'm just playing with them. No disrespect intended. No reflection on real persons or places intended. I'm not making any profit from this. This is strictly for entertainment.
Warnings/Squicks: None
Summary: Xander goes to LA on a fact finding trip and finds Angelus instead. Scariness happens.
Previous chapters:here
Notes: Okay the Link is fixed. Thank you very much for the catch:) House hunting and setting up house and all the headaches that go with it in this chapter. More talking with Angel. Let me know what you think. What's good and what's not so good. As always if you spot any errors, I'll be glad to hear about them. This doesn't strictly follow canon. Sooo if you don't like that sort of thing you might want to skip this. This is my first story so feedback is very welcome.

Graphics: (size, and artist) Icon by: moscow_watcher 

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There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas (3/?)

Title:  There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas (3/?)
BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, Post Apocalyptic, violence, non-con, slavery, tentacles
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: It’s been seven years since Angelus killed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seven years after Angelus opened a portal to hell on Earth. Humans are food, slaves or on the run. There’s hope only in small band of resistance fighters. However, that’s a hope Xander Harris no longer has. It’s been six months since he was taken in a raid. At first Xander thought he was lucky the demons didn’t know who he was; but then that was before he became property to an Azora demon.

As always: Feedback makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Previous parts here.


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Choo-choo Pussy

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Never Time Enough

Author: Thea Zara aka 50ftqueenie

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Warnings/Squicks: None really

Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.

Author's note: This can stand on its own as a ficlet, but honestly I know there's more to this story. That's why I'm opening this up to anyone who wants to write more to it; before, after, or both. Eventually I might revisit and do my own version, but either way I'd love to see where other people take it.

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With Friends Like These...

Title: With Friends Like These…
By: vampiresembrace
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: S/X
Rating: R+
Feedback: Welcome, Wanted, Needed, Desired....yeah, I'm an attention whore
Concrit: In email/comments/any other way you can think of
Disclaimer: I don't own anybody but my original characters. The folks from BtVS and AtS belong to Joss Whedon and their creators. I didn't make a red cent from this writing. No worries, I'm just playing with them.
Warning/Squicks: AU, dark, Scooby-bashing, character death, hot mansex, torture, angst, heavy breathing, smut, foul language, mayhem, hedonism, blasphemy, communism (umm, ignore that), and all kinds of things Mom wouldn't approve of
Summary: Spike gets the chip out, Xander gets his revenge.
Previous Pieces: None, this is a one-off
Author's Notes: Short piece, but my muse wouldn’t let it go. A Vampire’s Embrace will be back after finals, another week or so. I just had to get this out in between cramming sessions.
Not beta'ed.

Had to get this out. Plot bunny was ravaging my brain while I was cramming for finals.

With Friends Like These...
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