July 16th, 2007


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I have this bit of a story, which I know I should know, but can't remember.  Willow is keeping Spike obessessed with Buffy and Xander figures this out because he can see her magic signature or something.  Spike and Xander have a sparring session where Spike likes feeling Xander's body, but then he goes out into the Magic Box and he remembers that he loves Buffy.  Any help would be appreciated.

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E-Mail to Oz

Because there was such a mass of feedback the last time I decided to go along and will post more of it. I just started a new chapter and my beta knows that he will get more of it. Now wish me luck that my muse is willing. I will definitely try to respond to the comments but I don't have much time today.

Title: E-Mail to Oz
Rating: G
Disclaimer: don't own them, never will
Summary: Xander arrives at the Council and meets everybody, or does he?
Previous Chapter: http://community.livejournal.com/bloodclaim/2234537.html#cutid1

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Puppy Love 4B/50 - Ownership

Title: Puppy Love 4B/50 - Ownership
Pairings: Spander
Appropriate Ratings: NC17 overall but this chapter... R-ish
Warnings: Slavery, nudity, lotta the same from the previous chapter. Nothing much. Xander is underage! (he's 16, almost seventeen) (Set between seasons 2-3)
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: Puppy gets a few lessons...
Word Count: 2881 (As per MS Word Count)
Beta: tamakin
X-posted to: perverted_pages, bloodclaim, btvs_lightsout, btvs_slash, btvsatsdotcom, darker_spike
Will Be X-Posted To: spike_fics, sxandviolence, spanderslash, darker_vault
Archived Outside LJ At: adultfanfiction.net

A.N. This is in response to the prompt table given to me by hawk_soaring. Thanks bunches again!

Comments keep my muse well fed.

“You taste so good pet… so full of despair, fear, need,” Spike breathed deeply of his scent. “You’re mine, inside an’ out, body an’ soul…”

There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas (17/?)

Title:  There’s Always a Sneer in Vegas (17/?)
BTVS; Spike/Xander
Warnings: Slash, AU, Post Apocalyptic, violence, non-con, slavery, tentacles,
Rating:  NC-17
Summary: It’s been seven years since Angelus killed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seven years after Angelus opened a portal to hell on Earth. Humans are food, slaves or on the run. There’s hope only in small band of resistance fighters. However, that’s a hope Xander Harris no longer has. It’s been six months since he was taken in a raid. At first Xander thought he was lucky the demons didn’t know who he was; but then that was before he became property to an Azora demon.

As always: Feedback makes my heart go pitter-patter.