July 27th, 2007


There's Always A Sneer Chap 19 Xander's Punishment Graphic NOT Worksafe

*Wave* I haven't posted for a while, computer problems, so this is a bit late. Stillrose kindly lets me illustrate her amazing story 'There's Always A Sneer In Las Vegas'. Chapter 19 saw Spike publicly punish Xander for his misbehaviours. He was put on display on a pedestal in Spike's Casino  ''The Slayer's End'. Naked , he was told to kneel absolutely still his feet shackled and his wrists cuffed behind his back,  a miniture railroad spike at the end of his lead clenched between his teeth while around him demons jeered. This is the illustration. Stillrose hasn't seen it and I hope she approves.

This is an S/X comm and I am aware that the picture should include Spike, he's in the crowd at the back. As it is an illustration directlty linked to an S/X story I am posting it. If there are any objections i will gladly remove it.

Xander's Punishment

Hi Guys

Ok because you guys happen to be the best search group in the online world I have come to you asking for your help again. I am requesting child fics, fanfiction where the the guys have either been turned into children, made to think they were children, have children, or some how end up taking care of some children. While I much prefer Xander/Spike of course I am also open to any good BTVS fics that you know that run along these lines. I also request you don't suggest stories from The spanderfiles or related links since I have already searched through them. Thanks so much in advance you guys rule!! XOXO ~Bee
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Ron Baby

Fic search! - Long with plot! - Spander in LA

Okay just finished re-reading the 'Stranger Things' series which I just love.

I've had a thought about other fic like this I seem to remember another long and plotty fic with Xander leaving the Scoobies and ending up in LA. A scene comes to mind of him coming back from the local college with a ruck sack and entering the Hyperion. (I always seem to remember the weirdest bits).

Any ideas? my only dilemma is I'm not 100% sure it's Spander.

If not any rec's for similar stuff would be great. I love the dynamics of the 'Stranger Things' series and whilst I guess thats one of the longest (running and in word count) I know there is other excellent stuff along the same vein out there.

Thanks in advance 'cos most people here are always helpful.
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