July 29th, 2007

Fic Search!

Actually I lied. 2 fic searches. Both of which are driving me crazy since I can't find them. 1)Is obviously s/x but it also has Oz as a main character. He was caught by the Initiative and put in the cell next to Spike's. In the cells Oz keeps Spike sane by telling him about his time with tibetan monks and Spike keeps Oz sane by telling him stories that he used to read to Dru.Years later they see each other because Oz is sick from what the Initiative did to him which makes his wolf changes extremely painful. Xander is taking care of Oz and they are homeless. Spike's chip was taken out by a demon doc and he has Oz taken care of.Oz leaves Xander with Spike to go with an Eskimo wolf pack to heal. Also this story features a HyenaXander.It was a WIP.and was on someone's livejournal 2)I know everyone knows this one-its a s/x/w fic Spike and Will are twin brothers and homeless Xander works a crappy fast food job where Faith is manager(and is dating Buffy)and he gives Will free food(Will is sickly)Spike finds out is pissed off punches Xander tells him to keep away till Will gets REALLY sick and asks for himthey move in with him and has a happily ever after ending with Xander becoming a carpenter thanks to a pushy Will. Anyone want to lend me a helping hand and tell me where these fics are b4 i go psycho?thanks.

Three - 1/? Spike/Xander Adult

December 2, 2014. Xander's living the life in San Francisco, California. It's not the high life or the low life but it's a life - and the alive state of Xander Harris in 2014 hasn't always been a foregone conclusion, so he'll take it. It's also a celibate life but sometimes a guy's just gotta do what a guy's gotta do even if it means not getting done. He's still white hat enough for that.

Warnings: Celibacy, unexpected visitors, Serrekunda, ZippyLube and a camel.

Xander's past is shrouded in mystery. And mist. And yellow police tape that says 'girl, don't go there'
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Hey everyone! It's that time again!

What time, you ask? Time to nominate your favorite Spander fics and art for a fangfetish award, of course!

Round Seven Categories include Best Alternate Reality and Best Vamped Scooby...(of course, we all know that Xander is the best vamped Scooby).

So, just run over to Fang Fetish  and nominate all those great Spander authors and artists for an award!

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Hi there. Been here a while (a very long while, actually) but never posted before. I am having a dilemma. There was a fic I read oh-so-many years ago and I can't for the life of me remember where or what it was called. But here's what I do remember:

~It was Spike/Xander, duh.

~There was some Angel/Wesley/Gunn going on the side. Like, Angel and Gunn were competing for Wesley's affections.

~Near the end, Spike and Xander got married in the pool at the Hyperion.

Does this ring any bells for anyone?