August 26th, 2007


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Hi, I know annoying. Here it goes... what I remember is Spike was getting into a car and threw a bottle over the car where Xan was standing, it hit him in the lower back and Spike's chip fired stronger than usual. That's all I remember.
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True Innocent

Title: True Innocent 28/34
Author: BmblBee
Rating: Adult
Paring: S/X - of course
Warnings: None really except the expected man lovin'
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing, including the
lovely men used in the commission of this story.

Summary: This is a follow up to the story "Temptation".
It sees Spike and his new childe returning to California
to the dark angel. He has the answers to questions
Spike has about Xander.

Anyone who is interested in reading Temptation, it can be
found here:

As always chapters posted daily, comments very gratefully accepted.

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Atlantis - shield by McKay

Xan has a child from Faith

So sorry, another fic search. *cringes*

I haven't had any luck finding it so far.
Xander has a child/children (can't remember how many) with Faith, but she didn't want them or him so she leaves them. I think it was a boy, but with my memory, well I can't be sure. So he takes care of his child/children and along comes Spike. They get together.
Somewhere near the end Faith comes back with her boyfriend (might have been Riley) to say hi. Riley doesn't approve of two gay men being fathers and wants to make trouble, but Faith won't let him. They leave again.
I don't know which season or if it is a total AU.

Does anybody know this fic?
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Nothing the Same, Book 2
Chapter:  5/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG13 - NC-17 Individual chapter will carry specific warnings.
WARNING:  This chapter contains explicit sex and violence
Feedback & concrit: yes, please
Disclaimer: don't own them, never will, just playing with them
Spoilers: Anything from Season 1 on. 
Summary: sequel to Nothing the Same. Life goes on for Spike & Xander.

Previous parts here

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Fic: Creative, R, for 100moods

Title: Crazy
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander/Spike
Prompt: crazy
Word Count: 720
Rating: Adult
Warning/Spoilers: Umm, S4 roughly, but no real spoilers and definitely no warnings.
Summary: Spike shows up and Xander remembers some stuff.

“See ya, Jake.” Xander said, and watched Jake walked down the hall a ways before shutting the door. Just as he stepped fully back into the apartment, he thought he saw a flash of white and ducking around the corner, so he checked the corridor one last time before shutting the door.

He wandered back into the kitchen, scanning the floor and the open cabinet and spied a small crescent wrench that he knew didn’t belong to him. He stooped to pick it up just a knock sounded at the door.

He trotted back to the door, and swung it open, saying, “You forgot your wren-”

“Looks like tall dark and dumb’s not the only one what forgets things.”

“Spike,” Xander gasped, the crescent wrench in his hand forgotten. “What...what are you doing here?”

buffy spike black&violet by gilkurtisctx
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By permission....a pimp! Someone needs our help...

...and we're doing our best to give it to them! On August 13, a good friend and co-worker of sweptawaybayou lost *everything* in a house fire. She and her six boys are currently living in an apartment with *no* 'fridge and *no* stove. A woman with a year-old baby!

So Snow and lostakasha have created a community where artists, writers, coders - anyone - can offer up their services to the bidding public, or simply donate if they so desire. The bidding is open until the 31st of October, and there is a ton of talent to choose from - even *hand made truffles*! So please, come over and look, bid, give, pimp - whatever you can do!

fire_fic! fire_fic! fire_fic!