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Puppy Love 9/50 - Savor

Title: Puppy Love 9/50 - Savor
Pairings: Spander
Appropriate Ratings: NC17 overall but this chapter... NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, nudity, lotta the same from the previous chapter. Anal play, plugs, humiliation, non-con, bondage, gags, exhibitionism (Set between seasons 2-3)
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: Spike finally takes what's his.
Word Count: 3789 (As per MS Word Count)
Beta: tamakin
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A.N. This is in response to the prompt table given to me by hawk_soaring. Thanks bunches again!

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I'm not going to mention what category, since they're trying to keep things as annony as possible, but YAYS! Puppy Love gots nommed!

Not that he knew exactly where they were going, or why they were going, but he knew what was going to happen when he got there, so that made anyplace that they were going a bad place to be!

Previous parts found on this prompt chart or in my memories.

E-Mail to Oz Chapter 12

Title: E-Mail to Oz
Author: Yaya
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I just like to play
Summary: Willow and Giles find the house where Xander is held hostage. Or do they? Also, Xander and Ethan have a talk about Xander's past.
Warning: Mentioning of Cross-dressing, albeit very brief.
Previous Chapters: Memories

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A little Loyal and Gentle drabble

Title: Loyal and Gentle Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – this bit G!
Summary: Petxander is very childlike purpose bred and pampered... and yet... when a dimensional shift pushes the two between their realms... Poor Master? Poor Pet!!? .
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here! Not BDSM but slavery of sorts
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

other parts here

This bit is just a drabble brought on by seeing two very old dogs lying together in their driveway waiting for their masters to arrive home:

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S/X All in the Subtext

Fic: If I Can’t Dance (Spike/Xander, R, Chapter 5)

Thanks for your patience, I finally have another installment! :)

Title: If I Can’t Dance
Author: cordelianne
Chapter: 5
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,358
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine, Joss own them.
Summary: Set in season 5 and basically follows canon, although there will be twists and changes along the way. This chapter takes place during "No Place Like Home" except you'll note that twists and changes are definitely taking place!
Xander walks into the magic box, takes in the scene and then freezes in his tracks. Just when he thinks he’s seen it all, the hellmouth throws him something new. Although it’s possible that today’s anomaly is less of the hellmouth and more of the alien-body-snatching variety.
A/N: Written for the lynnevitational, thanks to lynnenne for hosting this shindig!
Thanks go out to the awesome savoytruffle and spookymonkey for their invaluable pre-reading, betaing and support. I cannot thank them enough for all their help! Any mistakes are mine (and you're always welcome to point out my mistakes).

All chapters can be found in memories here or tags here.

If I Can’t Dance (Spike/Xander, R, Chapter 5)