December 13th, 2007

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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 17/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Eliot/Parker/Hardison (team awesome)

Fic Search

So I've decided that two men just aren't enough for me anymore!! *giggle* And with that in mind, I'm looking for threesome (or foursome, the more the merrier!) fics. So share with me your favourites, especially if they have Xander and Spike cos they're my boys!!
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X Over Recs.

Lately I have been interested in Xover fics.  I was wondering if anyone could rec some BVts (Spike, Xander, Spander) with any of the following fandoms:

Stargate Atlantis
Harry Potter
Dr. Who.

I enjoy multi-chapter but one shots are nice as well.  Slash please if you don't mind.  Any would be appreciated.


E-Mail to Oz Chapter 16

Sorry for the delay. I didn't have any chance to go online for more than a month which seriously sucked. The new chapter is already finished and there's also a drabble I wrote a while back which I'll post in a few minutes.

Title: E-Mail to Oz
Author: Yaya
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I just like to play
Summary: The drive back to the Council.
Previous Chapters: Memories

Feedback would be deeply appreciated.

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