December 27th, 2007


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Title: That One Time Spike and Xander Kissed
Word Count: 1304
Rating: PG-13 from some innuendo and kisses!
Summary: Um the title pretty much gives it away.
Warnings/Spoilers: Set somewhere in season seven when there needed to be a little silliness because of all the seriousness
Author's Notes: This was induced by watching the youtube footage of James Marsters and Nicky Brendon messing up their lines and being silly and kissing. And Alyson being like right there. So then I thought... hmm... OUTSIDER POV WEEK... how about kisses from Willow's POV. I'm afraid my Willow POV is a little not Willow, but I think I did okay.

That One Time Spike and Xander Kissed
  • bmblbee

Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 29/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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