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White Lightnin' 21/37

Title:White Lightnin' 21/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Appalachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Xander woke slowly.
All the wonderful warmth and pleasure of the night
before came washing over him like a hot spring.
Feeling around next to him, he was surprised to find that
he was alone in his small bed.

Sitting up, he wiped the sleep from his eyes, and looked
around the dim room.
Morning had not yet risen and the sky still carried the
deep blue of a false daybreak.

Quickly becoming frantic, he found that the cabin was empty.
Leaping from the bed, Xander rushed to the door just as it
opened and Spike, holding tightly to the door latch for balance,
stumbled in.

"Where the hell were you?"
Xander's words came out harsher and more angry than he meant.

"Well, good morning to you too." Spike was confused and trying
his best to balance on wobbly legs.

"Oh, God, I'm sorry. I just woke and you were gone.
I was worried. Are you sure you should be up?"
Xander rushed over and slid an arm around Spike's waist.

Spike chuckled as he let Xander help him to the chair by the hearth.
"Yea, had to pee, didn't I. You were sleeping so well I hated
to wake you. Anyway, I wanted to try out my sea legs."

Spike eased himself into the rocker as Xander knelt in front of
him to begin rubbing his legs to warm and stimulate them.

"I'm afraid if you have an outhouse I didn't find it. I Made it as
far as the large oak tree."
Spike smiled.

He felt fantastic.
When he woke this morning, the booze was not the first thing
on his mind. He was with an amazing man, his legs were healing,
and last night was an earth shifting revelation.
He had something he had not known for years.
He had hope for the future.

He sighed and sat back as Xander massaged this feet, calves
and thighs.
Xander was also lost in thoughts of the future.
His brain worked frantically to remember if there was anything
out there that would give him away.

He knew that Spike could not have made it back to the clearing
where the still was and the barn was locked securely.
He mentally traced a path around the property looking for
anything that might appear suspicious.

Gradually he relaxed as he reassured himself all was good.
His caution and paranoia had served him well.

Spike was starting to become uncomfortable with Xander's
silence and assumed it had to do with their activities.
"Xander? Everything all right?"
Reassured, Xander finally looked up.
What he saw took his breath away.

Spike's face was bathed in the combined colors of gold from the
dying fire and the purple hues of early daybreak.
His soft blond curls were messy and sex rumpled.
But the eyes.

The eyes held Xander's gaze locked. They were almost too
blue to be real.
They were so open and honest.
They showed Spike's soul and made Xander feel as if his
own was an open book.

Rising to his knees, Xander leaned forward and took Spike's
face in his large hands.
With no words spoken between them, Xander kissed him.
A kiss that started out gently, but deepened when Spike was
the first to open and allow his tongue to search for its match.

In his attempt to deep mine for Xander's tonsils, Spike pushed
forward causing Xander to tip back.
Without ever losing each others mouth they tumbled to the
floor with Spike on top.
"Let's do it again, Xander." Spike's voice was breathless and raspy.

"Are you sure? Are you too sore?" Xander was fumbling with
his buckles even as he ask.
With both of them naked, Spike started to lay down.
"No, not too sore."

Xander stopped him, holding Spike's hips firmly.
"Stay on top. I'll help you ride me. That way if you are sore,
you can make sure it feels good to you and doesn't hurt."
Xander turned and grabbed a tin can sitting by the fireplace.

Wrinkling his nose, Spike peered into it.
"What the fuck is that?"
Xander laughed "It's animal fat I use for cooking. It'll make
it easier when I slide my big cock in your tight little pink hole."

"Oh, fuck, Xander." Spike closed his eyes.
At that moment Xander could have spread motor oil and
jelly jam on his dick and Spike wouldn't have cared.
He had never heard a man talk like that.
So intimately. So erotically.

Dipping his fingers in the tin, Xander scooped the fat and
smeared it on his hand.
Wrapping his hand around himself, he coated it quickly, enjoying
only a few stroked on his already aching cock.

With Spike sitting on his hips, Xander used the rest of the grease
on his palm to cover and slick Spikes cock.
He fisted it slowly from root to tip.
Never giving enough speed or pressure to encourage completion.
Spike groaned. It was heavenly torture.

Xander let his slippery hand ease down to Spike's sac.
For a small man it was wonderfully full and heavy.
Xander loved the feel of it rolling in his hands.

Unable to wait any longer, he dipped his fingers in the can one
last time and reaching between their legs, coated Spike's
hole thickly.

Flicking his finger tip over the wrinkled entrance, he rubbed and
relaxed it.
Slipping first one then two fingers in, he was pleased to find Spike
eager and seeming pain free after what was assumed to be his first
time last night.

"You ready?" Xander's words shot through Spike like a knife
through hot butter.
His whole body felt flushed and weak with the need for
Xander's cock.

'One time and I'm a slut. Maybe Xander will be my new alcohol.
I'm turning into a Xandaholic.'
Spike chuckled "Fuck yes I'm ready. Just help me, yea?"

Spike leaned forward chest to chest as Xander reached
behind him and lined his cock up to Spike's ready opening.
Guiding his hips, Xander eased Spike up and held him
on shaky arms till Spike was sitting flush on Xander's cock.

Spike braced his hands on Xander's chest and slowly rocked
back and forth till he found what he needed.
As soon as his body jerked, Xander knew Spike had hit it.
Holding Spike's hips and helping him move, Xander knew this
would be a quicky.

Spike moved regularly slamming Xander's cock into his prostate
as hard as he could.
With his head thrown back, he rambled.
"Fuck. So good. So good. Xander. Xander."

Bending his knees and placing his feet flat on the floor, Xander
held firmly on Spike's slim body and picked up the pace.
Pumping up deeply, Xander could already feel his balls start to

"Come on Spike. Show me." Spike pulled one hand off Xander's
chest and wrapped his fist around himself. The sight sent Xander
over the edge. Letting Spikes body drop plunging his cock deeply,
Xander felt his balls empty.

The feel of it and the sight of Xander's face tipped Spike over the
edge with him. Spurting thick streams on Xander's stomach
and his own hand, Spike's upper body collapsed down like a
deflated balloon.
He laid there listening to Xander's heart slowly return to normal.

"Hey, Spike?"
"You stink."
Both men snickered.
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