January 14th, 2008

  • ryuze

Trying to find an update

Hi. I have been reading some stories at "I Need a Parrot" and found a WIP that hasen't been updated sence 08/2006. It is called Puppy-Dog Eyes and is by eponine. Does anyone know of a different site it may have been updated on or if the author has a web page? thanks for any help in advance.
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Pimping new anti-plagiarism comm for vids

A lot of you already know about stop_plagiarism, the comm that handles reports of text-based plagiarism and maintains a list of known plagiarists, but did you know about their new sister comm dontstealvideo, which has been set up to handle reports of video-based plagiarism?

If you watch and/or make vids, this is a comm that should be on your flist (just like all you readers and writers should be watching stop_plagiarism), because you never know when you might be able to help identify a stolen piece of work - it could even be yours.

dontstealvideo + stop_plagiarism

don't let them get away with it

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