January 26th, 2008

  • bmblbee

Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

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Okay, this fic that I'm looking for is post-NFA; I don't remember how but Xander and Spike end up living together in England, then something happens to Xander and he ends up getting turned or Spike is the one that turns him. I remember at the end Xander overhears Spike and Angel speaking together and runs away because he thinks he's being rejected by his Sire and the line. Help?

Looking for a fic, please.


Errr, I'm kinda looking for a fic:)

It's a fic in Sunnydale.  It has Angel and Spike in it. Somehow Xander is turned and Spike is his Sire. I don't remember much else except that at the end they're going to Angel's mansion. When they get there they get out of the car and Spike is being harsh with Xander. Angel says something about Spike being too harsh with the boy and Spike tells him to mind his own business Xander was his and he'd treat him the way he saw fit.. I think it was a work in progress at the time. It's been a while since I read it, and I wanted to see if the author had finished it.

Thank you:) 

Fic found! It's by Druffine:)