February 6th, 2008


Desert Ice (18/?)

Title:Desert Ice (18/?)
Fandom: BTVS;  Wylham/Xandir (Spike/Xander)
Warnings: Slash, AU, violence, non-con, slavery,
Summary: Prince Wylham is strong and valiant warrior from the Northern lands who has been exiled and sentenced to slavery into the Southern lands due to the machinations of his stepmother. Xandir is a gentle Mage of the Hard elements seeking a way to help defend his family’s Hold against a rising desert tyrant. The two men’s destinies become one in a slave market.

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Finally! Had a good weekend. Not as much time to write as I thought I might. Then babysat yesterday (saved the nephew from parent band again).


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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

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Applauding Bunny

Newbie with a fic search!

Hi all!
I'm looking for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic that I read once and haven't been able to find since.
It was a Spander fic and went something like: Xander found three lizard-like demon children and has been raising them without the rest of the gang knowing, until someone -I think it was Spike- finds out.  Chaos and mass protestation occurs, but Spike ends up helping xander with the Kids, and romance ensues.
I know that's a bad description, but it's been a very long time since I read it.

~Shadow Spire
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Luving stories

Hey all just wondering if any one knows if xandercordy1 is still posting? A couple of fic searches have reminded me of these great stories and was wondering if there was more of them. Plus a minor fic search of my own. Does anyone know where i can find Buddy's 'Homeward Bound'? I've tried wayback machine and google and all I get is a big fat goose egg. Help would be gratefully accepted and virtual cookies sent out to to all that try to help.
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Solitude's Coven

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Title: Penny for Thoughts
Author: Solitudecoven
Chapters: 3/6
Rating: Adult
Paring: Spike/Xander
Summary: Los Angeles. Hyperion. Broken bones. Sex. Spike. Xander. Apocalypse. Snark.
Spoilers: Post NFA
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters and they rightfully belong to Joss Whedon.
Feedback: Very much appreciated
All Chapters: here

Chapter 3/6