March 26th, 2008


5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

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Just Another Fic Search

Hi all. I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. It had Xander coming out to Willow, and her setting him up with all these blind dates. After a bunch of bad dates, she sets him up with Spike. I think that one of the dates was with a surfer-dude type of person, but I could be wrong.

And while I'm here, does anyone have any other recs where Xander is the Gay Scooby, and how he deals with it? Something like the wonderful and epic "Sidelines" by Anna S., but also any other variations on the theme that exist out there.
TW: Stiles Motel California

Fic search, what a surprise... :P

Hi! I'm a newbie here, one that's been lurking long enough to know that you guys are better than Google for this kind of stuff! :D

Anyway, what I'm searching for is:
a) I read this fic some time ago where Xander and Anya have a baby girl, but Anya dies while giving birth, Spike then decides that Xander is the Scoobie that needs his help, so he moves in with Xan and the baby. The scene that I really remember is the one where Spike's reading on the couch while Xan prepares the girl for her bday party, Spike hears her asking her daddy to tie her shoes and he thinks she's talking with Xander, until she kicks his shin, and that's the first time she calls him daddy. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?

b) Following the same theme as above, I really wanna read some baby fics. I don't care if it's mpreg, adoption or someone gets turned into a child (I would love to read a fic where Xander takes care of a child Spike or Spike's the on who takes care of baby!Xander)... I wanna see Xan and Spike acting like Pappa Bears! So if anyone could rec any fic along those lines would be awesome!