September 8th, 2008

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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

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Scene search!

Ok, I don't care if it's a whole story or just a specific chapter or scene, but I want Shower Sex!! Spander please. I found a couple of really great ones in Slashtheboyz' "The More Things Change" (the one where they go to explain Xan to the Scoobies, and the last one #33).

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FIC : Family Bonds chapter 60 WIP

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out, Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, no Season 6 Spuffy.
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here

Beta thanks to jilly_james 

(Chapter 60)

BtVS-Spike-Kissing a Fool

Unfinished Business, Part 13, Mild NC-17

Title: Unfinished Business, Part 13
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: What if the amulet was delivered to Xander instead of Angel?
Rating: Mild NC-17
Word count: 567
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and all companies associated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They are not mine. I just have more fun with them.
Beta: The lovely and talented snowpuppies, who can't help being adorable.
A/N: For velvetwhip
Ron Baby

Fic Search - Pet Xander

Xander is captured by Spike. Taken far from the Scoobies who continue to look for him but he's protected by magic.

Xander understandably is not keen on being Spikes pet and mouths off and generally gives shit to Spike. Who is portrayed as a vampire very much in control, you like him but you don't and you certainly wouldn't trust him.

It all cluminates in Xander hitting Spike getting a beating then running away. At which point Spike looses the nice guy and Xander ends up hanging from his wrists, gagged for several days and then only allowed to crawl everywhere.

A dark little tale that always makes me cry but has a very nice ending (if you don't think too hard about Stockholm syndrome etc).

The relationship slowly improves after Xander gets sick and Spike reads a diary he had given to Xander to keep him occupied when things were better.

Buffy and Angel etc do find him and take him away but he chooses to return to his master.

Ideas on a postcard................ (joking! right here would be good)

EDIT: And a HUGE thanks to the speedy replys I got it is Dark Surprises by . Thanks to all who replied.